May 26, 2015

15 High Tech Gadgets and Toys For Kids.

If you are a parent yourself, then don't miss the collection of 'High Tech Gadgets and Toys For Kids' from all over the world. On second thought if you are a techy-parent then make it double sure you don't miss it.

StoryHome: StoryHome is a connected storytelling device that connects kids with their grandparents. StoryHome is an effort to reduce the distance between kids and their grandparents as families have spread over different continents. It makes it easy for grandparents to tell great stories. With a simple push of the button, the story starts recording and is sent to another device at the bedside of their grandkids. It glows just before bedtime, notifies kids that its time to hear a tale from their grandparents. The kids lift it up from its base and bring it out of sleep-mode, holding it in their hands, and listening to their grandparent's voice and fall asleep. To get started, power up the device and connect it to the Internet by plugging it with a LAN cable into your router or set up Wi-Fi using our app for Android and iOS. The device connects to its cloudserver and it will light up, its your cue to tell a first story. You can also answer one of the 1000 life questions, read a book or just tell your own tale. The device will then automatically send the stories to the rest of the family. Your stories are sent through the StoryHome Family Cloudserver. Using your computer you can access these stories, edit, organize and save all your stories. Apart from these you can manage accounts, change the time when stories arrive, push or block stories to devices, and invite the extended family to listen. Using its app, your extended family and friends can also connect, listen to stories, ask questions and even tell their own stories using their smartphone.

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Ollie: Ollie is the app-enabled robot engineered for speed, programmed for tricks, and is customizable by you. It spins, drifts, and flips with app-powered tricks. You can switch up your ride with customized tires and hubcaps. It can go up to 14 mph and connects instantly to your device via Bluetooth LE with a range of up to 100 feet.

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Codie: Codie is a cute personal robot that makes coding fun for kids. Its app organizes advanced code into blocks so kids can arrange to make programs. The robot features a microphone, compass, accelerometer/gyroscope, lightsensor, and more.

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Cognitoys: Cognitoys are smart Internet-connected toys that are capable of listening, speaking and simultaneously evolving with kids, bringing a new element of personalized, educational play for kids.

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Keepbo: Keepbo is a wireless button that can track, locate and notify you about your kids in real-time. You can clip Keepbo on to your kid and keep a track of him/her, check the distance and location using your smartphone. When there is no signal for a certain period of time, Keepbo automatically recognizes the situation and sends a notification to its host device. You can preset the time as per your life-style. It uses the Crowd GPS feature that works by reaching out to ALL Keepbo enabled smartphones nearby that are connected to the network and the network will notify your kid's location to you. It has multi uses; you can use it for you car, car keys, a bag and more. It also works as a universal remote control to activate various functions like using the camera, listening to music, as well as launching using the navigation app system by connecting to your smartphone. And with a single click of a button you can call or message the preset phone number.

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Playbrush: If you are a parent yourself you know its not an easy task to get your kids brushing. To make things easy and fun 'Playbrush' comes into the picture; its a smart hardware gadget that transforms your everyday toothbrush into a gamingcontroller, so the kids can play fun and interactive mobilegames while brushing their teeth.

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Vtech Kidizoom: The Vtech Kidizoom is specially designed for kids, it lets you your kids to record their adventures with videos and photos. It features a robust, durable design and comes complete with holders for attaching to a bike, skateboard or scooter, plus a waterproof case. It can withstand drops and bumps, a 1.4" color screen, expandable memory up to 32 GB and more.

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Hackaball: Hackaball is a smart and interactive ball that kids can program using an iOS or OS X app to invent and play.

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Lumo Interactive Projector: Lumo is an interactive projector that transforms your kid's room into an interactive room. The kids can play on 6' x 4' interactive surface by jumping, moving, or waving. It can also be used as a regular projector to play movies.

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Ozobot: Ozobot is a smart programmable robot that teaches kids the basics of coding and programming in fun and interactive ways. It measures just over 1 inch in height and diameter, don't let its small size undermine it, it's a powerful learning tool for the young programmer in your life. It comes to life when you create mazes, tracks and playgrounds on paper and digital screens.

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AmbyGear: AmbyGear is a cool smartwatch for kids that comes with a range of fun applications to inspire kids to be independent, confident and physically active. It nurtures your kid's learning and keeps them engaged. It comes with built in GPS, text messaging and boundary alerts, and informs you of your kids location and activity. Using its texting app you can direct text to your kid's AmbyGear smartwatch and it requires no cellphone service. Its rewards empower you to track progress and reward you kids for their achievements. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones.

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Squeezie: Squeezie is a twist-on toothbrush that attaches to any toothpaste tube and gives out paste evenly with a simple squeeze.

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Doddl: Doddl is specially designed kid's cutlery that encourages development and your kids will find it super easy to use.

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Kiband: Kiband is a smartband designed for kids from ages 18 months to 7 yrs old. It allows you to create customized safe perimeters and keep track of your kids anywhere. If the kid begins to wander, the Kiband buzzes and reminds the kid to stay close. And if the kid goes too far then the Kiband and your smartphone gives out audible alert. Using similar technology to your smartphone, the Kiband actively maps the surroundings and alerts you so that you can instantly react and locate a wandering kid before it's too late. Even if it's submerged in water it can alert you.

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Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box: The Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box is a robot character coin box that will initiate a conversation with you whenever you give him your cash to save. He will be a fun companion for younger kids and also teaches them to save their pocket money.

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