May 25, 2015

15 Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom.

Collection of 'Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom' from all over the world.

Bath Safeguard: This electronic bath plug device keeps water in your tub and measures its temperature; the lights incorporated into the Bath Safeguard indicate the temperature of the water.

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Touchscreen Mirror: The Stocco Maitre touch screen mirror has a console in the lower-right corner, which allows easy programming and working of radio and an MP3 player.

Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom (15) 2Intelligent Drain by Roca: This intelligent drain by Roca, displays a digital reading showing how much water you're using.

Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom (15) 3Warmon Pebbles: The pebbles come fitted with heatradiating artificial stones that maintain the water temperature for a set duration.

Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom (15) 4
Waterpebble: The Waterpebble is designed to reduce water usage while showering. The device needs to be placed in the bottom of the shower, here for the first time it measures and remembers the amount of water used. And during the subsequent showers it uses a series of lights to indicate the volume of water being used compared to that first use.

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Waterproof TV: Sony Bravia portable TV features a 4" screen, 23 hours of power backup and an FM tuner.

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Waterproof Speaker by Abco Tech: The Waterproof Speaker by Abco Tech is compatible with any smartphone or Bluetooth media player. This rechargeable speaker designed to be used in shower can play for upto 15 hours on a single recharge.

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Shower Light: It can be installed to any standard shower pipe in matter of minutes. Blue light changes to red when the water heats up.

Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom (15) 8Toilet MP3: Japanese toilets are quite special, everything is raised automatically, the seat is heated and we have an MP3 player. Don't worry it isn't integrated into the seat but rather in the control system/computer of the toilet that is situated on the wall.

Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom (15) 9Musical Shower: With this musical shower one can listen to tunes in the shower.

Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom (15) 10WiFi Body Scale: It does all what's expected out of an ordinary scale plus it has a WiFi feature. It uses Wi-Fi to send your weight and other data to your computer, iPhone or private online account page.

Gadgets for Your Smart Bathroom (15) 11Sound Splash: This wireless waterproof speaker can be placed over the showerhead and it will stream music from any Bluetooth music player. This rechargeable speaker comes with built-in microphone that allows you to answer the call while your smartphone stays safe and dry.

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Water Powered Shower Radio: Just connect it directly to your shower hose; it uses the flow of water to spin the turbine to produce electricity and lets you enjoy music when you're in the bath.

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Water Powered Shower Light: Ecolight designed by Sylvania is a water powered light showerhead. The light glows blue indicating the water is less than 78 degrees Fahrenheit and red indicates its over 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Dual Jet Bath Spa: Just place this Dual Jet Bath Spa over the edge of your bathtub and turn your ordinary bath into a relaxing one.

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