May 28, 2015

15 Best Wallets For Men - Part 4.

Collection of 'Best Wallets For Men' from all over the world to keep your cash and credit cards safe and secure.

Aviador: Aviador is a cool wallet that features NFC and a Bluetooth tracker. It allows you to easily find it using your phone; you get notification when the distance between the wallet and the smartphone increases. The app makes it easy for you to find your phone by displaying the distance left until the wallet. It's made out of high quality leather, comes equipped with 8 GB USB drive, electronic key and more.

Best Wallets For Men (15) 1

Smart Wallet: This Smart Wallet features a built-in Bluetooth BLE, GPS tracker, integrated portable power source, recharging cable and a multi-function button. The 1000 mAh power source makes sure your gadgets don't run out of juice. You can use your smartphone to track your wallet and this works the other way too. Just press the SmartWallet clip and your phone rings. Your smartphone automatically saves the last GPS location whenever your wallet gets out of range. Apart from this you will receive a notification on your phone when your wallet goes out of range. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Best Wallets For Men (15) 2

Wocket Smart Wallet: Wocket Smart Wallet replaces your entire wallet with a single card and builds upon your existing wallet. All you need to do is swipe your cards into the Wocket, and it records the pertinent data and stores it in its onboard memory. You can store up to 10,000 cards on a device. While making a payment, the Wocket's touchscreen displays the cards and you need to select the required electronic card. Using a combination of biometrics and a PIN it verifies you; then wirelessly pairs directly with the merchant's payment system, as long as it's authenticated by the Wocket. No smartphone or Internet access is required. For online payments, it displays all your card's information at the tap of a button. So no more pulling out your old plastic cards to make an online purchase.

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Vault Wallet: The Vault Wallet is an ultra-thin stainless steel front pocket wallet that features RFID blocking and an auto-ejecting credit card. With a press of the tab, it ejects your card partially, and lets you swipe your card without it ever leaving your wallet. Its elastic band in the back stretches and holds cash and dozens of cards.

Best Wallets For Men (15) 4
Smart Wallet: The Smart Wallet from Grabado Tech+ comes with Bluetooth tracking technology to track your wallet and keep it safe. It makes sure you never leaver your wallet behind. Using its app you can track its location, use it as a remote shutter, and it alerts you when your wallet is out of range, records the last location history, lets you set 3 different range allocation sound alerts, and more. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 and its app is compatible with Android and iOS.

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Broccoli Wallet: The broccoli rubber band wallet is a minimalist wallet that's small, thin, simple yet durable.

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Dash 4.0 Wallet: It's a quickdraw thin wallet for minimalists, and is constructed from saffiano canvas with flexible elastic. It holds cash, international currencies, folded in half and its elastic backside can accommodate 1-15 cards.

Best Wallets For Men (15) 7

Urban Slim Wallet: The Urban Slim leather wallet is small and light weight, lets you access your cards and cash faster and easier.

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Link Wallet: This smartest wallet uses Bluetooth 4.0 and connects to your iPhone and Android smartphones. It alerts you to return your card back to wallet after each use or if a card has been removed without your knowledge. It features a built-in speaker that alerts you if someone takes your wallet or smartphone. It automatically alerts you and records the last known GPS location of your wallet in event of a lost connection between your smartphone and wallet. And if you misplace your wallet you can locate it by proximity searches or sounds to find it. Apart from these you can use its app to open a tab at a restaurant.

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SafeWallet: This smart wallet integrates motionsensor, lightsensor, and BLE chipset to make it a secure wallet. If someone tries to remove your SafeWallet from your pocket or bag, your wallet will beep loudly along with your smartphone to alert you. If you happen to leave your wallet behind, your smartphone alerts you. This works the other way too, if you leave your smartphone behind, your wallet alerts you. To locate your wallet use its app to make it ring.

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Woolet: Woolet is a smart wallet that keeps your cash and cards safe. Its ultra slim, Bluetooth-powered, self-recharging and combines the best of technology with skilled handcrafting. It syncs with your iOS and Android smartphone, and it alerts you if you leave your wallet behind. It lets you specify any distance between 20-85 feet (6-25m) to get automatic alerts. Use the built-in distance tracker or get it to ring with the tap of a finger to find it. Your phone automatically records the last location it saw your Woolet. If you happen to loose it, you can activate the Woolet crowd detection network, and others with Woolet will start scanning for your wallet and once they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone.

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Safe Wallet Case: The Safe Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus features a built-in kickstand, holds up to 5 credit cards or up to 15 business cards, can also hold cash bills, house keys, optional Safe Pen, Sim Cards, and Mini USB drives

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Flipside 2X Wallet: The Flipside 2X features an RFID blocking shield, tough construction and opens up to the full extent that allows you to access your cards and cash quickly and with ease.

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Seyvr Power Recharging Wallet: The Seyvr Power Recharging Wallet is a sleek, slim and stylish leather wallet that comes with a built in phone recharger. It features 1400 mAh portable power source, integrated cable, can store 6 cards and also has a clip for cash and receipts.

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$100 Dollar Wallet: When folded, this cool wallet appears to be a bundle of hundred dollar bills. The wallet features 6 pockets for credit cards plus 2 hidden pockets for several more cards in.

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