Apr 28, 2015

60 Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy.

Collection of 'Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy' from all over the world.

Refuel Smart Propane Monitor: The Refuel, Quirky's smart propane tank gauge connects to your smartphone using the Wink app and keeps you updated with propane levels and lets you know when its time to refuel. All you need to do is place your grill in range of a Wi-Fi network, and it allows you to monitor your propane supply. If there is no Wi-Fi or smartphone, just tap the Refuel and it displays light reading of the propane level and the green light means go.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 1

Matey: You need to clamp it to your aquarium and set the schedule and select the amount of the food. And at the right time your fishes will get their food or you can do it using its app on your smartphone also.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 2
Meldknob+clip: Meldknob+clip is a smart automatic temperature cooking control system that upgrades your existing cookware and stove with automatic temperature control. The Meldknob is an automated knob that replaces the existing knob of your cooktop. The Clip attaches to the cookware you already own. The Meldknob+clip works with the app to let you cook the perfect meal every time. The app contains hundreds of kitchen-perfected recipes that guide the cook from start to finish; it makes automatic adjustments to cooktop to ensure a perfect dish, every time. You can control the Meldknob manually also.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 3

Maid Oven: Maid is a smart kitchen assistant and a multifunctional oven that connects to a recipe store on the Internet and has access to an unlimited number of recipes; it knows what to cook and how to cook.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 4

Mobileye C2-270: The Mobileye C2-270 is an alerting system that detects and alerts you when your vehicle is in close proximity to pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and other vehicles.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 5
Car Top Carrier Dinghy: The Car Top Carrier Dinghy attaches to your existing rooftop of your car, doubles as an 8'-long, two-person dinghy and provides 14.7' cu. of storage space.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 6
Sutro Smart Water Monitor: Sutro is a beautiful, self-contained smart device designed for swimmingpool and spa owners. It floats in your swimmingpool or spa and monitors your water chemistry 24/7. It automates daily testing, and provides continuous monitoring and reporting. It provides you with easy to understand alerts that allow you to react quickly and intelligently to take control of your water.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 7
Electronic Dog Door: This electronic door automatically opens when a dog approaches. When the ultrasonic collar worn by your dog comes within 1' to 10' from the door, it automatically opens or closes. This airtight door locks with a deadbolt ensuring a secure and weathertight barrier.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 8
WaterDog: It's an automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain; with this gadget there wont be empty or unclean water bowls. It makes sure your dog has only fresh, clean water. Just install it on any outdoor faucet and as soon as your dog approaches the WaterDog, it automatically turns the water on and when they leave it turns the water off.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 9

iTouchless Sensorcontrolled Automatic Toilet Seat: As you walk towards the toilet, the cover rises and with a wave at the toilet the seat rises. The iTouchless seat and cover lower themselves 15 seconds after you walk away.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 10
Touchless Toilet Flush Kit by Kohler: It's an easy-to-install retrofit kit from Kohler that brings touchless flush to almost any toilet.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 11
FlyeBaby Infant Travel Seat: The FlyeBaby Infant Travel Seat makes traveling with your baby much easy. This hammock type seat can be used on an airplane or attached to a dining room chair. It can be used on an airplane during the cruise portion of the flight. It features a 5-point harness system to keep your baby safe and supports up to 25 lbs.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 12

Evoz: Evoz is a smart baby monitor specifically designed for busy parents to stay connected with their baby. It features a wide angle HD camera that connects via Wi-Fi, and using its app you can keep an eye on your baby on your smartphone. It notifies you when your baby is crying, plays lullabies to calm your baby, tracks baby data and provides temperature alerts. You can even control your baby's nightlight and talk to your baby when you are away.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 13

Bedjet: Bedjet makes the place where we spend 30% of our lives more comfortable - bed; it superheats your bedding in just 180 seconds or cools off instantly via bedside remote control or a smartphone app.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 14

Milk Nanny: This smart home formula milk maker makes great tasting, fresh, warm baby formula milk in seconds. The Milk Nanny makes things a whole lot easier and you can control it with your Smartphone.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 15

Hush: These smart earplugs are wireless noise masking earplugs that block out the world, allows you to sleep comfortably and yet wakes you up for the things that matter you the most. It notifies you and you alone, that way when your alert goes off it doesn't bother anyone else. It can play soothing sounds for you to fall asleep. Its app allows you to you control. And if you misplace the device, you track them through its app and make them sound to find them. These are ideal for travelers; on a loud flight, sleeping isn't always most pleasant because of noise and bulky headphones are uncomfortable. Hush provides you a lightweight wireless solution for this.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 16

swivelCard: swivelCard is a premium paper business card that features a USB drive and includes analytics and can be updated even after giving it out. It allows you to give your business card with pictures, videos, presentations, and more; while the back-end software interface allows access to useful information about your cards and how they are being used. And the remote access gives you many opportunities to continue interacting with the card's recipient. It also allows you to remotely make changes for each specific card.

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Leaf Collector: This leaf sweeper makes things easy for you, no more bending to collect the leaves, easy on your back, and its ten times faster than using a rake. Its 21-inch dual "combs" sweeps up leaves into its bag. And it folds for easy off-season storage.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 18
Cultivator and Grabber: It is a two-in-one tool that features a cultivator to loosen the soil and pull unwanted greenery. And it also has a movable grabber that allows you to remove the unwanted greenery without bending down.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 19
Pawdoor: Pawdoor is an app-enabled petdoor that features a camera, microphone, and speaker that allows you to interact with your cat from anywhere. It also sends a notification to your smartphone when your cat or dog is waiting by the door, so you can remotely let them out.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 20
Pebble Smart Dog Doorbell: The smart doorbell allows you to train your dog instead of scratching the door to be let in or out. It features a built-in treat holder, which makes it easy for you to train your dog to ring the doorbell.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 21

Bistro: This high tech gadget uses facial recognition technology; it tracks all the food and water your cats ate. The built-in camera with cat-facial recognition function can always distinguish which cat is eating and you can even watch your cats eat from your smartphone.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 22

Grush Toothbrush: Grush Toothbrush transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive activity. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 23

Bedpak: This smart backpack holds everything you need and transforms into a comfortable sleeping mat.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 24

Keewifi Router: Keewifi Router isn't just another router; it makes connecting devices to Wi-Fi easier. All you need to do is simply hold your Wi-Fi enabled gadgets close to the Keewifi syncing panel, and it will authorize it in seconds. It requires no password or configuration, it works right out of the box. It features the latest wireless standard 802.11ac and enterprise networking technology to ensure that your Wi-Fi signal is strong, stable, and fast. The device uses proximity technology, supports simultaneous dual-band transmissions (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) with Wi-Fi speeds up to 867Mbps. It uses Beamforming technology to boost signal strength in the direction of your WiFi devices. It also features a Zenbutton that allows you to resolve common WiFi issues. Its Keewifi app supports both iOS and Android.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 25

Tilt: Tilt allows you to automate your existing windowblinds using solar power and controls them with your smartphone or by a smart switch. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, allows you to program, schedule and use your phone to manually open or close them. And there is this Tilt TV dongle that you need to plug into the USB port of your TV; it turns your windowblinds down when you switch on your TV. It supports both iOS and Android smart devices. It's very easy to install and takes under 15 minutes, and its wireless smart switch can be attached to any surface.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 26

Rotimatic: This world's first robot roti maker can produce 20 rotis in one go, at a rate of one roti per minute. You can customize the roti as per preference; the thickness, or how well done one likes it. This automatic flatbread-making machine is designed to make fresh rotis and wraps with whole-wheat flour. The 2015 pre-order batch is sold out at $599 for a single machine.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 27

Drivebot: It monitors your car's health and alerts whenever there's a problem with your car. It also keeps track of your driving behavior and tells you how to save more money on gas.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 28

Owlet Baby Monitor: The Owlet Baby Monitor keeps you updated with your baby's health via your smartphone.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 29
Garage Beacon: Garage Beacon turns your smartphone into a garage door remote. It automatically opens your garage door when you come home, allow you to open, close, and monitor your garage door from your smartphone. It allows you to create personal pin codes for your family and friends directly from the app.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 30

eCozy: eCozy is a self-learning heating solution with touchsensor and remote control. Its special energy-saving heating algorithms will save almost 30% of your annual heating bill, making it a smart choice for your home.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 31

Notion: Notion is said to be 'home intelligence system' that takes tracking to a whole new level. Notion features a central hub (connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi) and multiple pods that work wirelessly. These pods are designed to detect multiple actions, to be precise capable of detecting 8 customized actions. These pods feature an accelerometer, ambient lightsensor, gyroscope, temperature meter, piezoelectric transducer, proximitysensor and detects waterleak. If you place it on your front door, it lets you know if someone knocks on the door, if the door didn't shut, if the door is opened, who has opened the door, temperature in the room, whether the lights are powered on or off in the room and more. You can receive alerts via text, email or the mobile app on your iOS and Android devices.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 32

Jalousier: This smart device clips onto your existing venetians and automatically adjusts them in accordance to the weather, room temperature and lighting conditions. It connects using Wi-Fi and ZigBee.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 33

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase: Bluesmart, the world's first smart carryon suitcase that you can control from your smartphone, lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind and find out more about your travel habits. What more, it even recharges your gadgets.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 34

SIGMO: SIGMO is a small, lightweight and portable device that is capable of translating 25 languages in real time. It has two modes of voice translation; the first is to translate from your native language to the language of your choice. And the second is to translate from the language of your choice to your native language. There are two buttons, press the first button and speak your phrase, and SIGMO translates. Press the second button and SIGMO will translate speech from the foreign language, and then instantly speaks in your native language.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 35
Passport Max2: Passport Max2 comes with built in Bluetooth technology, gives you access to its award-winning app. This real-time ticket-protection network, informs you of upcoming alerts received and reported by others in the area. It also gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts. It comes preloaded with speed camera locations throughout North America.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 36
Arist: Arist simplifies everything into a simple machine; you can download recipes and make coffees like the world's best baristas at the tap of a smartphone. It makes coffee in a specific, precise, and consistent way.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 37

Edyn Smart Garden System: The Edyn Smart Garden System consists of solar-powered, Wi-Fi connected devices: the Edyn Gardensensor and the Edyn Water Valve. Just insert the garden device into the soil and it tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture. The app then verifies this information with plant, soil science and weather databases to recommend which plants will grow best in your garden, optimal time for planting and more. The Edyn Water Valve, uses the data collected to smartly control your existing watering system, watering your plants only when needed. You can also use the app to manually water your plants from anywhere.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 38

iRobot Scooba 450 Floor-Washing Robot: The Scooba 450 Floor-Washing Robot comes from the makers of the iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot; it sweeps, pre-soaks, and squeegees your floors. It features iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology that enables it to find its way around the room, covering every area of floor multiple times.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 39
Petpal: Now connect with your dog for lunch from anywhere. You can adjust the food quantity and meal time (can be controlled remotely using an app), take photos and videos of your dog, listen and talk to them.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 40

Robotic Solar Swimmingpool Cleaner: This cool solar-powered robot cleaner removes leaves, dust, organic material and debris of all types from the surface of your swimmingpool before it settles down.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 41
SmartStart: SmartStart allows you to remote start, lock, unlock, release the trunk, locate your car and more with your smartphone.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 42

Lernstift: This smart digital pen alerts the kids when they make a mistake. The error detection runs completely independent from external components or specialty paper. It's capable of spelling error detection on single-word basis, recognition of printed letters, recognition of cursive handwriting and has an English or German vocabulary up to 5,000 words. It can't detect grammatical errors (sentence structure, commas, etc.) and recognition of shape and weaknesses (Schön write mode).

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 43

Breathometer: Just plug it into your smartphone's 3.5mm headphone jack and it transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer. It works with both iOS and Android devices.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 44
SensorfreshQ: SensorfreshQ is a meat and poultry freshness detector; place its nozzle at your uncooked meat and poultry, and in less than a minute colored lights confirm its freshness.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 45
RedEye mini: The RedEye mini turns any iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone using a small 3.5mm adapter into a universal remote.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 46
Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark: These are designed to monitor the reading time of your kids and keep track as to how long they have been studying.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 47Winbot: The Winbot W730, window-cleaning robot by Ecovacs features frameless window detection system and pathfinder technology that automatically calculates the size of your window and programs for customized cleaning path for maximum efficiency. It can clean glass of any thickness and even Thermopane windows. And its sophisticated onboard computer allows it to intelligently avoid edges and obstacles while leaving windows and mirrors shining and spotless.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 48
Dart: The Dart is said to be the world's smallest laptop adapter, can be placed comfortably in your pocket and is designed with a USB port and single outlet profile.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 49
GPS-Enabled Bike Bell: The bell connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth Low Energy and when you move it away from the parked bike, the Bluetooth connection to your bike is broken and it automatically drops a pin on the map. Using the GPS you can locate your bike and remotely make it ring to locate it easily.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 50

iTwin: The iTwin is a two-part USB drive that allows you to plug it into one computer and the other half into another computer; this gives you instant access to the other computer.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 51
Dog Brush: This clever shoe polisher built into the belly of the dog makes shoe shining easy. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, it runs on 230v and at a press of a button makes your shoes shine.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 52
Tugo Luggage Cup Holder: The Tugo cup holder attaches right to the handles of your luggage and keeps your coffee close to you.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 53
StickNFind: These are Bluetooth stickers that lets you tag and find your stuff with a smartphone. Just stick them on your keys, remote, iPod, smartphone, laptop, backpack, wallet, purse and more. These stickers come with a buzzer and light so that you can find your stuff even in the dark.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 54

Universal Car Flip Sunvisor: It clips on your existing sunshade and can be used during the day as well as night; the transparent gray one shades the day light while the yellow one blocks the car lights at night.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 55
WMF1 Coffeepad Machine: It's a compact coffee machine, made of plastic, includes a cup made of porcelain and uses "coffeepads" to brew a single cup at a time.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 56
Dew Drop: Dew Drop extracts water from the air, condensing it and utilizing it for watering the plants.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 57
Car Side Mirror Shade: A clear side mirror is always better for a safer driving experience; this shade is specially designed for keeping the side mirrors clear to provide a clearer rear view

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 58
Ray: Attach it to a window or your car's windscreen, it recharges your electronic gadgets.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 59
Biolite Stove: Biolite portable stove cooks using the twigs you collect on your journey and it transforms heat into usable electricity; and it comes with a USB port for recharging your smartphone and other gadgets.

Smart Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy (60) 60

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