Apr 18, 2015

15 Must Have Gadgets For The High-Tech Home - Part 12.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For The High-Tech Home' from all over the world.

Prizm: Prizm is an intelligent device that plays the perfect music on your speakers, based on people in the room and the context. It turns your speakers into a learning music player; it remembers your habits and learns about your preferences, the more you use it, the more smarter it gets. It streams music directly from the Cloudserver, removing the need of a phone or a computer. All you need to do is install its app on your smartphone, connect your music accounts (Spotify or Deezer or Soundcloud), and connect your speakers. You can listen from your library or playlists or random music.

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Keecker: Keecker is a smart computer entirely designed for home to share real life moments, share content, share experiences. It comes equipped with a 360° audio and video camera and a powerful video projection system that moves up and down at 90°. It allows you to project movies and images, listen to music, browse the web, make video calls, home monitoring, create home decoration and more. It turns your wall into screens, your room turns into concert hall, and much more. It's mobile and moves so you can enjoy the highest quality entertainment wherever and whenever you want. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

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Snappower Recharger: With all the smart devices around, we are always looking to recharge them, and Snappower Recharger makes that easy. It's a USB recharger built into an outlet plate. All you need to do is remove your standard outlet cover and replace it with this device.

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Meldknob+clip: Meldknob+clip is a smart automatic temperature cooking control system that upgrades your existing cookware and stove with automatic temperature control. The Meldknob is an automated knob that replaces the existing knob on your cooktop. The Clip attaches to the cookware you already own. The Meldknob+clip works with the app to let you cook the perfect meal every time. The app contains hundreds of kitchen-perfected recipes that guides the cook from start to finish; it makes automatic adjustments to cooktop to ensure a perfect dish, every time. You can control the Meldknob manually also.

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Bocco: Bocco is a Wi-Fi connected robot that keeps you connected to your family while you are away from home. You can send a voice message from its app, and Bocco will play it back at home. You can speak into Bocco and he'll send a message to other family members' smartphones. Apart from this you can also send a text message from its app, which Bocco will read out loud. You can also install its motionsensor on a door to receive notifications when your kids arrive home from school or when your grandparents head outside.

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Wake: The Wake is a smart robot that wakes you up with white light to slowly illuminate the area around your face, followed by a focused beam of sound to wake you up gently. It uses parametric speaker to give focused, soothing sounds that start quietly, and grows louder slowly as the light beam grows brighter. The light and sound don't disturb the other person in the bed, it wakes you naturally making you feel alert faster. You can set the time or edit it by using its app on your smartphone.

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Thermal Imager: It is a computer vision-enabled thermal imager that lets you analyze problems in your building or anywhere where temperatures are important.

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Hue Go: The Hue Go is a smart portable light that you can take everywhere around your home. Use iOS or Android device via the Philips Hue app for setting timers, notifications, and more. And if you don't have a smart device around, you can also control the light using the on-product control. It features 5 natural dynamic effects, 16 million colors, Hue connected, and IFTTT friendly. It lasts up to 3 hours on a recharge.

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Ecovent: Ecovent is a smart thermostat system that allows you to set the temperature in every room individually. Ecovent replaces your existing vents; these wireless vents open and close automatically to send conditioned air where it's needed most. You can adjust your home's settings anywhere, anytime from your smartphone.

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Friday Smart Lock: This smart lock connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi and gives you access from anywhere. You can give remote access to your home or to anyone from anywhere, temporarily or forever. Use its app to grant temporary, one-time access, or permanent access and cancel it anytime. The lock is Apple HomeKit and Thread compatible, sends you a notification when someone tries to get an unauthorized access; can automatically unlock when you come and lock when you go out.

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Planty: Planty is an internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants using its smartphone app. All you need to do is repot your plants in Planty, plug it in, fill the water tank and connect it to your home network. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and monitors your plants' soil, temperature, light and water levels. Using its app on your smartphone, it will notify you if your plant needs anything. Its algorithms enable it to learn more about the perfect conditions for your plant to grow and provides you suggestions.

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DaVi: This smart device allows you to open or close your existing windowblinds using your phone. It's really simple to install and works with all 2" windowblinds. This solar-powered device supports Zigbee and Bluetooth. It allows you to control the windowblinds individually or as a group. And if the room gets too warm, it can automatically close your windowblinds for you.

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Roboming Telepresence Device: The Roboming facilitates remote communication using your iPhone or iPad. All you need to is to download the App from the Apple store, and connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and use your iPad as the head of your Roboming. This 2-wheel self-balancing robot comes with adjustable height from 120cm to 150cm, features obstacle-avoidance modules, can go on for 8 hours of usage, 24 hours on standby or up to 15 kilometers on a full recharge.

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Zedcon: Zedcon is a smart digital light controller that allows you control your lights based on event notifications, music, time and other preferences via your smartphone. This ledcontroller enables you to control your lights wirelessly, its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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Neone: The Neobase is an encrypted Private Network Device that allows you to connect and share files, photos and other media with friends and family in a completely secure and private setting. The unique design of Neobase will make sure your data never pass through any website, service or cloudserver.

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