Apr 15, 2015

10 Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets.

Yoga has many health benefits and can improve your health greatly, so here we have 'Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets' to be at your best.

Beacon: Beacon is a smart mat for yoga that provides interactive guidance. It connects to your laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth or USB cable to track your progress and provide you feedback. Using its embedded lights as indicators, it allows you to perfect your pose.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 1
Yoga WaterMat: This floating yoga mat comes with 84" x 36" surface area, weighs about 14lbs, weight-rated up to 175lbs, allows you to practice yoga on the water.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 2

Tera: Tera from Lunar is an elegant carpet made from shear wool that blends into any contemporary interior, and turns into a piece of high-tech exercise equipment. It features an intelligent surface that recognizes moving patterns and guides you by activating its specially developed app for an interactive training experience.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 3

SmartMat: SmartMat, is the world's first intelligent yoga mat that links to your smartphone and guides your through a series of audio and visual indicators for a more detailed and insightful yoga session.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 4

Yoga by Numbers - Mat: Yoga by Numbers makes it simple for anyone to learn and practice yoga. Its specially designed mat features numbered circles and gridlines that allows you to pose accurately and achieve proper alignment.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 5

Yoga Mat Organizer: This Yoga Mat Organizer consists of a water bottle, a strap and a holding case for your smartphone, keys and small items. Secure the yoga mat with the attached straps to hold everything to and from class in one neat package.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 6
Xpodz: Xpodz is a practical device that combines Yoga, Pilates and more in one smart, sustainable workout.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 7

YogaPaws Elite Set: When you don't have your yoga mats around, these provide unique way to stabilize you while doing yoga postures and Pilates exercises.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 8

Lumafit: Lumafit is a fitness tracker designed for mind and body fitness. Its virtual coach puts you through your paces at home and at the gym. You can use it to track your gym sessions, Yoga, and Bootcamp.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 9

R2-D2 Ladies' Yoga Pants: This R2-D2 Ladies' Yoga Pants feature R2 details down one leg.

Functional and Useful Yoga Gadgets (10) 10
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