Mar 6, 2015

15 Useful and Functional Baby Safety Gadgets.

Collection of 'Useful and Functional Baby Safety Gadgets' from all over the world to keep your little bundle of joy safe.

Evoz: Evoz is a smart baby monitor specifically designed for busy parents to stay connected with their baby. It features a wide angle HD camera that connects via Wi-Fi, and using it's app you can keep an eye on your baby on your smartphone. It notifies you when your baby is crying, plays lullabies to calm your baby, tracks baby data and provides temperature alerts. You can even control your baby's nightlight and talk to your baby when you are away.

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Mimo Smart Baby Monitor: The Mimo Smart Monitor connects with your smart devices and provides baby's sleep activity, breathing pattern, body posture, skin temperature and live audio in real-time. The starter kit contains 3 machine washable organic cotton kimonos, 1 low power Bluetooth transmitter and a Wi-Fi and recharging base station.

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Snazzy Baby Kneepads: These comes with 4 layer cushioning, designed to protect your baby's knees while learning to crawl and walk.

Useful and Functional Baby Safety Gadgets (15) 3
UviCube: UviCube safely dries, cleans and stores baby bottles.

Useful and Functional Baby Safety Gadgets (15) 4

Sproutling: This smart baby monitor is a wearable band that monitors, learns, and estimates your baby's sleep habits and optimal sleep conditions.

Useful and Functional Baby Safety Gadgets (15) 5

Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet: This baby safety helmet features a comfortable stretchy circumference band, holes for ventilation, ½ inch thick protective foam and is perfect for your baby while they are developing their newfound mobility.

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Starfish: Starfish is a weight-activated seatsensor that needs to be placed in your baby's car seat and once you place your baby on Starfish, the device automatically connects with your smartphone, sending you a notification that your baby is in his or her seat. It also creates a geofence (around 20 feet), and will automatically notify you that you've left the baby in car. It comes with an added layer of protection; the device can notify your family and friends if you haven't responded to the notification after 5 minutes.

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Cubesensors: Cubesensors are small wireless cubes that continuously monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, light, and barometric pressure and send all that data via Wi-Fi to the cloudserver so you can access it anywhere. Apart from these, it sends you alerts when temperature is getting too high or too low, time to turn on the lights, aerate and more.

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Temperature Color Changing Bodysuit: The Babyglow Temperature Color Changing Bodysuit lets you know immediately if your baby is exceeding his normal temperature. It looks pink or blue when temperature is normal but when it rises; it becomes white.

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KidCo Electrical Outlet Covers: The power outlets always attract the baby's attention, and to keep them safe we have these oversized covers for the entire plug-in surface that prevents them from placing objects into the outlet.

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Blooming Bath: Just place the Blooming Bath in your washbasin and it creates a cool cushion to wash your baby.

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Safety 1st Secure Tech Cabinet Lock: This cabinet lock keeps cabinets off limits to little ones.

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Spout Cover: This spout cover comes with a digital screen that displays the water temperature, which makes adjusting the water temperature more easy.

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Pacifi: This smart pacifier monitors your baby's temperature and sends the data to an app on your iOS or Android smartphones.

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Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight: This smart device connects to your existing smokealarms, keeps track of them and sends notifications to your smartphone when something is wrong. Just plug it in and it connects to your home's Wi-Fi and monitors your safety devices in your home. Apart from this it also monitors temperature and humidity. And you can set your nightlight's hue in 16 million color options and brightness from anywhere.

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