Mar 30, 2015

15 Must Have Home Gadgets - Part 11.

Collection of 'Must Have Home Gadgets' from all over the world to make your home more comfortable, secure and high tech.

Sesame: Sesame attaches to your existing lock, connects to the Internet with a Wi-Fi access point and replaces your keys with your smartphone. It allows you to let the guests in no matter where you are, receive a notification whenever your door opens or closes, check whether your door is locked or not from anywhere in the world, have your door automatically lock as you close it, remote knock on your smartphone or a talk to your smartphone to open the door.

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eero WiFi System: eero is a WiFi system designed to provide a reliable Internet connection in your home. A set of three eeros are capable of creating mesh network and covering a typical home; these work in unison to provide hyper-fast, super-stable Wi-Fi to cover every inch of your home. The setup is quite easy; just plug your first eero into your existing cable or DSL modem, just download the app and it will instantly recognize your eero, and prompt you to create your own network name and password. Rest of the eeros can be plugged in standard wall outlets around your home with the guidance of the app. It runs checkups regularly to know exactly what's going on with connected devices of your network, speed, if neighbors' networks are causing any interference, and how your modem and cable service is performing. You can share your network's login information with your guests from your phone via a text message or using its app. The device also alerts you whenever a device joins your network and sends you a weekly digest of all the devices that have connected to your network. eero comes with built-in Bluetooth, which means your home is blanketed in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth making it easier to integrate it with your smart home.

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Arlo: Arlo IP cameras are 100% wirefree, attach them to its fully magnetic holder or simply place on any flat surface, connect its base station to your home Wi-Fi router, sync your cameras, install the Arlo app on your smartphone, and you're done. You can move them around with ease as per your requirement. These smart home security cameras are weatherproof so can be placed outside. You can connect up to 15 cameras to the cloudserver, watch up to four cameras at once. These come with automate motiondetection, HD quality and night vision.

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Keen Home Smart Vent: These smart vents can be retrofitted to your existing air vents and wirelessly connects to your home network. These vents work as a Smart Vent System, by communicating with each other and automatically regulate airflow in rooms. These can heat and cool your home the intelligent and efficient way. The Keen Home Smart Vent is capable of connecting with the smart home platforms and connected thermostats. You can use your smartphone to control it.

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Sutro Smart Water Monitor: Sutro is a beautiful, self-contained smart device designed for swimmingpool and spa owners. It floats in your swimmingpool or spa and monitors your water chemistry 24/7. It automates daily testing, and provides continuous monitoring and reporting. It provides you with easy to understand alerts that allow you to react quickly and intelligently to take control of your water.

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Creek: The Creek Wi-Fi clock features home automation and security, smartalarm, baby monitor, 2x fast recharger, location tracking, Wi-Fi intercom, reminder, smart remote control, and temperature meter. It also works with Lark-Wi MU501 Smart smokealarm and MU 505 etc. The basic configuration includes two units that can be expanded to more; using your home Wi-Fi wireless network, these gadgets will be connected together and connected to Internet. Using your smartphone you can control your Creek Wi-Fi clock from anywhere in the world.

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Freiya: This smart watering can uses Bluetooth LE connectivity and connects to your smartphone. Freiya has built-in technology that allows it to keep track of its surroundings. It's capable of gathering temperature and weather data to adjust the watering schedule to such external factors. Its app notifies you whenever one or more plants need to be watered.

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Nyrius Smart Outlet: All you need to do is plug the Smart Outlet into any home outlet, connect your appliance, and control it wirelessly with the Nyrius App. It allows you to control your home appliances up to 33ft from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. You can also set scheduled timers to activate and deactivate on any day and time of the week. Its "Proximity" feature can detect when someone enters and leaves the room and will automatically turn your appliances off. Its perfect for indoor lighting, space heaters, A/C wall units, irons, home stereo systems, or any device you want to control.

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CastleHUB: This universal smart home intelligence is said to be world's first whole home voice control system. It's simple yet powerful automation without relying on the cloudserver.

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abode - Real Security and Home Automation: It consists of 5 devices for ultimate protection and flexibility and comes with world's first OS to automate and protect your home, and is built with a focus on the security. The abode 'gateway' is the central component of the system that runs the abodeOS, the 'motioncamera' is a wide-angle wireless camera, 'door/window contacts' allows you to monitor doors and windows, the 'streaming camera' is a Wi-Fi / Ethernet connected camera with full night-vision and wide angle support that provides a live view into your home. The abode system uses the location of your smartphone to automatically activate and deactivate the system. It's capable of supporting over 150 connected devices allowing you to protect your entire home. And its Visual Verification Technology is capable of providing images to you in less than 10 seconds of an event happening. It supports abodeSecure RF, ZigBee, IP enabled, and Z-Wave.

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D-Link Staples Connect Hub: The D-Link Staples Connect Hub is an integrated home automation system that allows you to control all your smart devices from your smartphone. It supports - Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, Zonoff, Lutron Clear Connect, and Bluetooth. It features Ethernet; USB ports and comes with WPS button.

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Ucon Smart Remote: Ucon is a rechargeable universal remote that allows you to control all electrical appliances. Whether it's your TV, set-top box, music player, air conditioner, air purifier, electric fan, light bulb, socket, and even your iPad - Ucon can control them all. Its recharge station allows you to locate it when you don't find it; all you need to do is just press the search button on Ucon center, and you will hear the call of your UCON. It supports multiple communication protocols, comes with simple APP configuration and remote pre-timing.

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BroadLink SmartONE Kit: BroadLink SmartONE is designed to give you a smarter, and a more secure home. The kit comes with 4 components - SmartONE, a doorsensor, a motionsensor and remote. It allows you to customize various monitoring and smart home settings and notifies you on your smartphone if it finds anything unusual. Its capable of learning from your routines, even giving you suggestions to better tailor your smart home schedule to your daily life.

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Floodbuzz Waterleak Detector: Just place them next to washing machines, washbasins, water heaters, radiators, bathrooms, basements, boats, sump pumps or anywhere you think there can be waterleak issue. Whenever it detects a small water leak, the detectors play a loud alert and let you know that you have a water problem that needs your immediate attention.

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Blueguard: Blueguard is a smart lock and Wi-Fi video doorbell that features a color video camera, high-sensitivity microphone, speaker and motionsensor. While working as a Wi-Fi wireless doorbell, when a visitor presses your doorbell or approaches to your door, you can opt to answer the call or ignore it. If you opt to answer, you can see and talk to your visitor at your door by using an iOS or Android smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. While using it as a home security system, set it to "alert" mode and it can detect and record who is at your home door, and take photos or video clips; then send alerts and those photos, video clips to your smartphone. It features a Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.1 hub that's always on and ready to connect to your smartphone and an IEEE802-11 b/g/n device that works with the 2.4ghz band and connects to your home Wi-Fi networks.

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