Mar 31, 2015

15 Must Have Car Gadgets - Part 7.

Collection of 'Must Have Car Gadgets' from all over the world.

LyfeLens: This smart device allows you to keep an eye on your car. It features dual-facing HD cameras, detectionsensors, built-in GPS, 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and cloudstorage. The device allows you to monitor your car from your smartphone. Its app provides you with a live videofeed and lets you know what's happening inside and outside the car. And if you miss anything, it stores the footage on the internal storage or sends it to the cloudserver. The built-in GPS provides real-time speed, location information of your car and stores your tour data securely to the cloudserver. It provides a push notification to your smartphone if anything goes wrong with your car. Its 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot keeps all your gadgets connected while you're on the move.

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CarVi: CarVi is a smart driving assistance that monitors your driving habits and keeps you safe on the road. It uses a small dashboard camera installed in your car that "talks" to your smart phone, while the CarVi analyzes the data in real time and issues audible and visual alerts if it senses any potential issue. It device monitors your laneposition, distance from the driver in front of you and more. It learns about your driving habits and its app provides you with data and improves your driving skills.

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Akolyt: Akolyt plugs into your vehicle's OBD port, uses built-in Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with your smartphone, and using its app will tell you what's happening with your car. It keeps track of your driving data, and advises you on your driving behavior.

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MagBak Case: MagBak Case is thin, simple, and amazingly functional. This minimalist protective case features industrial strength rare earth magnets, while the MagStick is small low profile aluminum crafted piece that will adhere to just about any surface. MagBak and MagStick together create a perfect solution for your iPhone in your car.

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Satechi Bluetooth Home Button: This compact gadget connects to your iOS/Android smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to activate Siri or Google Voice Search with the press of a button. Just install the device on your steering wheel, and while you're driving, the button gives you access with a simple press, even if your phone is out of reach.

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Flashlight by Jumper Power Banks: It's a multipurpose device that works as a power bank with a 6000 mAh power source to recharge your iPhone 6 and other smartphones between 3 and 4 times on a single recharge. It's capable of recharging your 12V appliances. It can jumpstart your car up to 20 times on a single recharge. It has a flashlight with three modes and more.

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Odii: Odii is a cool gadget for your car that can be comfortably placed in your glove box for use in your vehicle. If you ever drop your smartphone, pen, earrings, French fries, credit card in your car down that impossible-to-reach space that lies between your car seat and console and had trouble retrieving them, then this is for you.

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Car Doormat: Its a doormat for your car; it cleans the sole of your shoe before you get in. It allows you to keep your car interiors clean and reduce dirt, mud….. on the floor of your car.

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EverDock Go: The EverDock GO is a universal car dock for iPhone and Android smartphones. It keeps your smart devices juiced up while you are on the go.

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Car Back Seat Hooks: The Car Back Seat Hooks allows you to place shopping bags weighing less than 8kg from your headrest.

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Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socket Extender: Just plug-in the Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socket Extender into your car's 12-volt socket and you get instant access to five different recharging ports at once. Four of these USB ports have their own on/off switch for easy access to each device and saves power. You can recharge your smartphones, music players, FM transmitters, GPS, e-readers, and more.

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Car Top Carrier Dinghy: The Car Top Carrier Dinghy attaches to your existing rooftop of your car, doubles as an 8'-long, two-person dinghy and provides 14.7' cu. of storage space.

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BlackVue DR600GW-HD: The BlackVue DR600GW-HD Car Dashcam features full HD video recording capability, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and more. Using its app on your smartphone you can communicate with the device.

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Carpack: This cool car organizer transforms into a bag, de-clutters your car, and moves things out of your car with ease.

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R2-D2 USB Car Recharger: The R2-D2 USB Car Recharger features two USB recharging ports, each provide 2.1 Amps (enough to recharge 2 devices simultaneously). It's compatible with anything that recharges via USB (iPhones, smartphones, iPads, GPSes, and more) as long as you have the cable.

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