Mar 12, 2015

10 Functional Smart Beds For Your Bedroom.

To be at your best performance, you need to get proper good night sleep. For your good night sleep, we have a collection of smart beds from all over the world.

ReST Smart Bed: The ReST smart bed comes with pressure sensing fabric that is spread just beneath the outer layer of the mattress. The fabric is capable of measuring pressure from each part of your body on the mattress surface. And this data is sent to the microprocessor that controls the pump. This allows the bed to automatically adjust to your comfort needs throughout the night using the multiple air chambers embedded in it. The ReST Bed comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, is capable of reporting your sleep data and can be integrated into a smart home to create the perfect sleep conditions, such as temperature, light, and sound controls.

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SleepIQ Kids Bed: This smart bed adjusts with the kids as they grow and adjusts to their Sleeping Number setting. It allows you to teach them how to develop good sleep routines. The bed alerts you when the kid is out of bed, the under-bed lights can be remotely turned off, and activates when the kids gets up. Its app lets you know how well the kids slept and alerts you in real-time if need arises.

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Balluga Smart Bed: Balluga smart bed features layers of air-filled spheres that provides the optimum level of support and comfort. It comes with computer controlled pressure-sensitive suspension and a built in massager. It has built-in climate control, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, surround sound audio system, projector for your TV, nighttime illuminated access and more.

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Sleep Number's x12 Smart Bed: This smart bed is capable of monitoring your sleeping habits, and various other factors. With its built-in Sleep IQ technology and the smartphone app, you can get the SleepIQ score that recommends optimal settings for the adjustable mattress. You can adjust this dual-sided bed's firmness and elevation with voice commands. It has a built-in function that allows you to record messages, and under-bed lighting makes it easy for you to navigate in the middle of the night.

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Reverie 8Q Smart Bed: The Reverie's 8 Series features an adjustable foundation, and Bluetooth Smart connectivity that allows you to control the bed with your smart device. You can elevate head and foot to virtually any angle, and its Zero Gravity pre-set creates weightlessness. It also features a USB port and 2 AC outlets to recharge your devices; an under-the-bed nightlight can be turned on/off via the remote and it works like a massager with 10 different intensity levels.

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Luna: Luna turns your bed into a smartbed and integrates with your smart home. It learns about your regular bedtime and manages the temperature of your bed for a good night sleep. Its dual zone feature allows you to set different temperatures for each side of the bed. It comes with advanced sleep tracking, that tracks the quality of your sleep including sleep phases and monitors your health conditions without you having to wear anything to bed. It comes with a built-in smartalarm and its sensing technology identifies the correct moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up at your highest energy level. And when you go to sleep, the device makes sure your smart door is locked, smart lightbulbs are turned off, smart thermostats are adjusted for night, and activates your smart security system. And when you wake up, it makes sure your smart coffee machine keeps fresh cup of coffee ready for you.

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Kingsdown's Sleep Smart: The Sleep Smart Intuitive mattress continually makes adjustments to maintain correct alignment to provide ideal support and pressure. It comes with an Android smart device and its app provides a daily summary of essential sleep statistics and sleep tips.

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Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed: It has an adjustable base featuring the LP Connect technology that connects your bed to you and your bedroom. It allows you to control room lighting, airflow, sound, and more, all from your touchscreen smart device. The LP Sense technology is capable of detecting your presence or of your dog and prevents unpleasant pinches when the bed is being adjusted. It also features USB ports for recharging your gadgets, multi-directional under-bed lighting which is fully dimmable, pillow tilt adjustment for optimizing your comfort while reading, watching TV, sleep and nap timers, fully adjustable dual massager, child-lockout feature, 7" smart device, remote and more.

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BodiTrak Smart Bed: This smart bed features advanced sleep technology based on pressure-sensing Smart Fabric. The system continuously monitors your body posture and pressure distribution and automatically adjusts the bed's air support for maximum comfort. It also monitors your comfort level, and other factors to ensure you are having a good night sleep. The BodiTrak Smart Bed Sleep Center allows you to review the quality of your sleep on your computer or smart device. And also you can make adjustments to the smart bed using the same on your smart devices.

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Ohea Smart Bed: If you are tired of making your bed, this smart bed is the solution; the Ohea smart bed is capable of self-making, it tidies the sheet and pillows the moment you stand up.

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