Mar 23, 2015

15 Functional Home Automation Gadgets - Part 5.

Collection of 'Functional Home Automation Gadgets' from all over the world to make your home more comfortable and high tech.

Linq Smart Vents: Linq Smart Vents transform your home into a smarter, more comfortable and more efficient one. It works with your existing smart thermostat; using its Hub it manages the temperature in your rooms. It can open and close automatically to keep you comfortable. Its app on your smartphone gives you room-by-room temperature control. This retrofit wireless smart vent system syncs with your smartphone and allows you to save money on your energy bills.

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Cubic: Cubic controls your devices, apps, and services from anywhere, just by simply speaking to it. While you are away from your home, it can adjust the temperature in your home, turn off your lights, lock your doors, and more. On the go, it can remind you where you parked, tell you how many calories you've used, and make funny comments about the news. In the car, it can give you updates and read you emails. And at home, it can tell you when your favorite show is on, play music, order stuff, read instructions while you cook, and more.

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Hive - Smart Home: This smart device provides home security, automation and entertainment. It's designed to simplify your connection to your home while protecting everyone, and everything, inside it. It gives you control of your lights, locks, electronics, appliances and other smart devices from anywhere. Its security system lets you know what's happening in your home. It provides you with music and entertainment with its wireless smart home audio solution. It can communicate with your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-wave, and Security devices. These speakers work with a growing list of apps including Deezer, Google Play Music, NPR One, Pandora, Rdio, TuneIn, and many more. It's compatible with your iOS and Android smart devices.

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SwannOne: SwannOne is a smart home solution that allows you to gain access to home devices from just about anywhere. It features home and away modes, scheduling rules for lighting, heating and locks, and more.

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EverSense Wi-Fi Thermostat: The EverSense Wi-Fi Thermostat features Proximity Control Technology, built-in wireless speakers and touchscreen dashboard. It adjusts to your current behavior based on how far or near, you are from your residence and arrive to your comfortable home. You can wirelessly stream music from your iPhone or Android smartphone directly to EverSense.

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Smappee Energy Monitor: This innovative home energy monitor allows you to keep a tap on your energy usage at home. Its app identifies, illustrates energy usage and costs of your household appliances in detailed charts and tables. Designed for connected homes, it allows you to control your electrical appliances at home from anywhere at anytime. Its simple and safe to install, and requires no changes to your electrical system, supports HomeKit and IFTTT. Its app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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Personal Robot: SHE is a personal assistant, photographer, storyteller, telepresence device, the smartest home automation system and much more.

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MyDoorOpener: MyDoorOpener allows your garage door to be securely opened, closed or monitored from your iPhone from anywhere.

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Ubi: The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer that plugs into the wall outlet, and connects to Internet through Wi-Fi, allow to call emails, friends, monitor every room in your home (where Ubi is plugged in) and more.

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Kuna: Kuna is a smart home security system that features Wi-Fi camera with intercom, built into an outdoor light. It detects people coming to your home and allows you to see and speak to them using your smartphone, from anywhere. Kuna is capable of filtering out false alerts like swaying trees, small animals, and more. It's also capable of recognizing different moving patterns, and can tell the difference between someone coming home, someone leaving, and a visitor waiting at the door. It allows you to choose to receive all these alerts, or only alerts of a particular type. It also acts as an alarmsiren. It's a smart light too which can be controlled from your smartphone, set a schedule, or uses the dusk-to-dawn and other modes. It's easy to install, takes under 15 minutes, uses your existing wiring, is a drop-in replacement for your existing light fixture. Its app supports both iOS and Android devices.

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iRBeacon: This smart remote combines Bluetooth and infraredtechnologies that allows you to control your devices from your smartphone. You can use this smart remote to control your A/C, TV, entertainment system, camera and more; its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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Ivee Voice Activated Assistant: Simply plug Ivee in and it connects to your home's Wi-Fi network; just say "hello Ivee" and start talking. It listens for your verbal commands, allows you to manage and control your home's connected devices. Ivee controls other devices with the sound of your voice from thermostats, electronic locks, hubs and wearables. It even fetches live Internet content music, news, weather, stocks and more.

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Electronic Dog Door: This electronic door automatically opens when a dog approaches. When the ultrasonic collar worn by your dog comes within 1' to 10' from the door, it automatically opens or closes. This airtight door locks with a deadbolt ensuring a secure and weathertight barrier.

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LuMini: This simple Bluetooth smart bulb is very much like the Original Lumen Smart Bulb; but what makes it stand out is that its more of a moodlight, it has a set of RGB that generates millions of colors based on your requirements.

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Chui Intelligent Doorbell: This intelligent doorbell comes with facial recognition feature, it provides you with real time notifications of who's at your front door, allows you to communicate with anybody at your front door via 2 way audio and 1 way video, it allows you to pre-record identity based messages, it can automatically unlock doors for your friends and family and more, features do not disturb function for unwanted guests.

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