Mar 18, 2015

15 Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets.

Collection of "Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets" from all over the world for you.

Hydropak Power Generator: This Hydropak system uses water-activated cartridges. It supplies hydrogen-generated electricity to devices like portable lights, laptops and small appliances via an AC outlet or two USB sockets.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 1
HydroWind: It's a cool outdoor camping electricity generating device that uses water to generate hydroelectricity.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 2
Solar Powered Tent: This concept tent will allow campers to keep in touch and power their essential camping gadgets. It's based on the concept of weaving specially coated solar threads into conventional fabric to maximize the solar efficiency. Using this technology to the fullest extent, it has three directional glides that can be moved throughout the day to collect the optimum amount of energy. Apart from this, there is a central wireless control hub that shows the energy generated and used, and provides a wireless Internet signal. All information is displayed on a flexible, touchscreen display screen. Integrated into the hub is a wireless recharging pocket that powers smartphones and handheld devices via magnetic induction. And you can find your tent by sending it an SMS message or using RFID technology to make it glow.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 3Kraftwerk: Kraftwerk is your very own portable power plant; this innovative handheld recharger is capable of powering your gadgets (supported by the USB standard like smartphones, cameras, flashlights, and more) when you are off-grid. Its one filling provides energy to recharge an iPhone 11 times. You can refuel Kraftwerk with campinggas.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 4

Electropack: The Electropack from Soot is a transforming bag system that is capable of recharging your mobile devices for up to two weeks off the grid.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 5
Gosun Stove Solar Cooker: This awesome solar cooker cooks food in 20 minutes with temperatures reaching 550°F (290°C). It can be arranged in seconds, weighs less than 4lbs, and can be used for baking, boiling and frying.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 6
Eton FRX3 Handpowered Recharger: FRX3 is a solar and winding powered AM, FM, weather radio with clock. It also features a built-in USB smartphone recharger.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 7
Self-Heating Food and Beverage Container: Designed by Nicolas Bernal, it features a high performance dynamo that makes it possible to heat food in minutes. Pour the contents into the container and press the button; the light indicates when the food or beverage reaches the optimum temperature.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 8
KeepCool: Creation of Vincent Gerkens; it keeps your food fresh without any need for electricity, which makes it a perfect gadget for camping.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 9
Wakawaka Base: This portable solar power kit can recharge multiple phones or an entire week of light with a single day of solar light.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 10
BioLite BaseCamp Stove: The BioLite BaseCamp uses branches or small pieces of firewood to work. It transforms heat into useable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. It provides 5W of electricity via a standard USB port. You can cook your meals and recharge devices all at the same time.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 11

HeatStick: Just place this gadget into your beverage container to heat it up.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 12
Weathermate: This handpowered radio provides you with instant access to NOAA weather radio frequencies.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 13
Girasol Solar Coffee Maker: The Girasol Solar Coffee Maker designed by industrial designer Patton uses solar energy to prepare a cup of coffee when you need it.

Functional and Useful Off Grid Gadgets (15) 14
Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter: The Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter by Goal Zero is compact, lightweight and has a rugged design; it powers your laptop and other gadgets and can be expanded as per your recharging needs.

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