Mar 27, 2015

15 Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad.

Collection of 'Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad' from all over the world.

Somabar: Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected appliance designed for the home kitchen; it works with both Android and iOS devices.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 1

GOkey: The Gokey keeps your smartphone juiced up and can also be used as a cable, store your data, remote, locate your keys and find your phone.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 2

4iiii Sportiiiis: It features multi-colored lights that provides instant visual feedback of workout and racing data. It can be attached to any pair of glasses.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 3
Swingtip: This Golf Swing Analysis and Coaching System provides real-time golf swing analysis on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 4th Generation (iOS 7.0+) or Android phone (4.0+).

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 4
Bosch Robot Lawn Mower: The Bosch Robot Lawn Mower is an electric powered cordless robotic lawn mower that cuts the lawn by itself so you can relax.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 5
Neeo - The Thinking Remote: Neeo is a smart system that allows you to control all your devices from one place and even knows who you are when you hold it.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 6

Neck Massager with Wireless Remote Control: This compact neck massager features four professionally crafted automatic and six manual programs for customized massages.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 7
Sonic Foamer: The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic sound technology to create numerous tiny bubbles into your beverage.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 8

Coffee Cup Power Inverter: The Coffee Cup Power Inverter transforms your car's DC power into two 120-volt AC outlets. This 200-watt inverter comes with 2 AC plugs and a USB power port.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 9
Waterbuoy Keychain: This little smart device can lift up to 1Kg (2.2 lbs) and keep them floating for up to 24 hours. It contains a rubber balloon that automatically inflates when dropped in water and makes the dropped items to rise gently to the surface. Moreover it's equipped with a flashlight that makes it visible from a distance of over 250 meters (820ft) at night.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 10Haven: The Haven smart lock is anchored at the base of your front door, it creates a sturdier support system. It works with your smartphone, wearable devices and home automation devices.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 11

Coolware Personal Cooling System: This portable air-conditioning device is basically a collar for your neck that features a built-in 2-speedfan and a small reservoir that holds 2oz. of water, it creates a cooling sensation.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 12
Neuroon: Neuroon is your professional sleep and rest manager that makes you feel refreshed after waking up and relaxed throughout the day. This world's first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep creates a unique sleep schedule for you. It allows you to switch from monophasic to polyphasic sleep, which means you can sleep less and more efficiently. Using light therapy, this sleeping coach creates a setting of artificial dawn to wake you up in the most natural way possible.

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Magellan eXplorist 510 Pro Angler: This Magellan GPS comes with information about more than 4,000 lakes, waterways and fishing hotspots. This rugged handheld GPS features camera, microphone, and speaker to record your own notes to create a journal of your adventures.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 14
Circle: Circle allows you to supervise and limit how your family members spend time online. It allows smart filtering, time management, monitor online activity, and more.

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