Mar 31, 2015

15 Must Have Car Gadgets - Part 7.

Collection of 'Must Have Car Gadgets' from all over the world.

LyfeLens: This smart device allows you to keep an eye on your car. It features dual-facing HD cameras, detectionsensors, built-in GPS, 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and cloudstorage. The device allows you to monitor your car from your smartphone. Its app provides you with a live videofeed and lets you know what's happening inside and outside the car. And if you miss anything, it stores the footage on the internal storage or sends it to the cloudserver. The built-in GPS provides real-time speed, location information of your car and stores your tour data securely to the cloudserver. It provides a push notification to your smartphone if anything goes wrong with your car. Its 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot keeps all your gadgets connected while you're on the move.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 1

CarVi: CarVi is a smart driving assistance that monitors your driving habits and keeps you safe on the road. It uses a small dashboard camera installed in your car that "talks" to your smart phone, while the CarVi analyzes the data in real time and issues audible and visual alerts if it senses any potential issue. It device monitors your laneposition, distance from the driver in front of you and more. It learns about your driving habits and its app provides you with data and improves your driving skills.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 2

Akolyt: Akolyt plugs into your vehicle's OBD port, uses built-in Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with your smartphone, and using its app will tell you what's happening with your car. It keeps track of your driving data, and advises you on your driving behavior.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 3

MagBak Case: MagBak Case is thin, simple, and amazingly functional. This minimalist protective case features industrial strength rare earth magnets, while the MagStick is small low profile aluminum crafted piece that will adhere to just about any surface. MagBak and MagStick together create a perfect solution for your iPhone in your car.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 4

Satechi Bluetooth Home Button: This compact gadget connects to your iOS/Android smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to activate Siri or Google Voice Search with the press of a button. Just install the device on your steering wheel, and while you're driving, the button gives you access with a simple press, even if your phone is out of reach.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 5
Flashlight by Jumper Power Banks: It's a multipurpose device that works as a power bank with a 6000 mAh power source to recharge your iPhone 6 and other smartphones between 3 and 4 times on a single recharge. It's capable of recharging your 12V appliances. It can jumpstart your car up to 20 times on a single recharge. It has a flashlight with three modes and more.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 6

Odii: Odii is a cool gadget for your car that can be comfortably placed in your glove box for use in your vehicle. If you ever drop your smartphone, pen, earrings, French fries, credit card in your car down that impossible-to-reach space that lies between your car seat and console and had trouble retrieving them, then this is for you.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 7

Car Doormat: Its a doormat for your car; it cleans the sole of your shoe before you get in. It allows you to keep your car interiors clean and reduce dirt, mud….. on the floor of your car.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 8

EverDock Go: The EverDock GO is a universal car dock for iPhone and Android smartphones. It keeps your smart devices juiced up while you are on the go.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 9
Car Back Seat Hooks: The Car Back Seat Hooks allows you to place shopping bags weighing less than 8kg from your headrest.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 10
Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socket Extender: Just plug-in the Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socket Extender into your car's 12-volt socket and you get instant access to five different recharging ports at once. Four of these USB ports have their own on/off switch for easy access to each device and saves power. You can recharge your smartphones, music players, FM transmitters, GPS, e-readers, and more.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 11
Car Top Carrier Dinghy: The Car Top Carrier Dinghy attaches to your existing rooftop of your car, doubles as an 8'-long, two-person dinghy and provides 14.7' cu. of storage space.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 12
BlackVue DR600GW-HD: The BlackVue DR600GW-HD Car Dashcam features full HD video recording capability, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and more. Using its app on your smartphone you can communicate with the device.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 13
Carpack: This cool car organizer transforms into a bag, de-clutters your car, and moves things out of your car with ease.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 14

R2-D2 USB Car Recharger: The R2-D2 USB Car Recharger features two USB recharging ports, each provide 2.1 Amps (enough to recharge 2 devices simultaneously). It's compatible with anything that recharges via USB (iPhones, smartphones, iPads, GPSes, and more) as long as you have the cable.

Must Have Car Gadgets (15) 15
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Mar 30, 2015

15 Must Have Home Gadgets - Part 11.

Collection of 'Must Have Home Gadgets' from all over the world to make your home more comfortable, secure and high tech.

Sesame: Sesame attaches to your existing lock, connects to the Internet with a Wi-Fi access point and replaces your keys with your smartphone. It allows you to let the guests in no matter where you are, receive a notification whenever your door opens or closes, check whether your door is locked or not from anywhere in the world, have your door automatically lock as you close it, remote knock on your smartphone or a talk to your smartphone to open the door.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 1

eero WiFi System: eero is a WiFi system designed to provide a reliable Internet connection in your home. A set of three eeros are capable of creating mesh network and covering a typical home; these work in unison to provide hyper-fast, super-stable Wi-Fi to cover every inch of your home. The setup is quite easy; just plug your first eero into your existing cable or DSL modem, just download the app and it will instantly recognize your eero, and prompt you to create your own network name and password. Rest of the eeros can be plugged in standard wall outlets around your home with the guidance of the app. It runs checkups regularly to know exactly what's going on with connected devices of your network, speed, if neighbors' networks are causing any interference, and how your modem and cable service is performing. You can share your network's login information with your guests from your phone via a text message or using its app. The device also alerts you whenever a device joins your network and sends you a weekly digest of all the devices that have connected to your network. eero comes with built-in Bluetooth, which means your home is blanketed in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth making it easier to integrate it with your smart home.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 2

Arlo: Arlo IP cameras are 100% wirefree, attach them to its fully magnetic holder or simply place on any flat surface, connect its base station to your home Wi-Fi router, sync your cameras, install the Arlo app on your smartphone, and you're done. You can move them around with ease as per your requirement. These smart home security cameras are weatherproof so can be placed outside. You can connect up to 15 cameras to the cloudserver, watch up to four cameras at once. These come with automate motiondetection, HD quality and night vision.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 3

Keen Home Smart Vent: These smart vents can be retrofitted to your existing air vents and wirelessly connects to your home network. These vents work as a Smart Vent System, by communicating with each other and automatically regulate airflow in rooms. These can heat and cool your home the intelligent and efficient way. The Keen Home Smart Vent is capable of connecting with the smart home platforms and connected thermostats. You can use your smartphone to control it.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 4

Sutro Smart Water Monitor: Sutro is a beautiful, self-contained smart device designed for swimmingpool and spa owners. It floats in your swimmingpool or spa and monitors your water chemistry 24/7. It automates daily testing, and provides continuous monitoring and reporting. It provides you with easy to understand alerts that allow you to react quickly and intelligently to take control of your water.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 5
Creek: The Creek Wi-Fi clock features home automation and security, smartalarm, baby monitor, 2x fast recharger, location tracking, Wi-Fi intercom, reminder, smart remote control, and temperature meter. It also works with Lark-Wi MU501 Smart smokealarm and MU 505 etc. The basic configuration includes two units that can be expanded to more; using your home Wi-Fi wireless network, these gadgets will be connected together and connected to Internet. Using your smartphone you can control your Creek Wi-Fi clock from anywhere in the world.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 6

Freiya: This smart watering can uses Bluetooth LE connectivity and connects to your smartphone. Freiya has built-in technology that allows it to keep track of its surroundings. It's capable of gathering temperature and weather data to adjust the watering schedule to such external factors. Its app notifies you whenever one or more plants need to be watered.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 7

Nyrius Smart Outlet: All you need to do is plug the Smart Outlet into any home outlet, connect your appliance, and control it wirelessly with the Nyrius App. It allows you to control your home appliances up to 33ft from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. You can also set scheduled timers to activate and deactivate on any day and time of the week. Its "Proximity" feature can detect when someone enters and leaves the room and will automatically turn your appliances off. Its perfect for indoor lighting, space heaters, A/C wall units, irons, home stereo systems, or any device you want to control.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 8

CastleHUB: This universal smart home intelligence is said to be world's first whole home voice control system. It's simple yet powerful automation without relying on the cloudserver.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 9
abode - Real Security and Home Automation: It consists of 5 devices for ultimate protection and flexibility and comes with world's first OS to automate and protect your home, and is built with a focus on the security. The abode 'gateway' is the central component of the system that runs the abodeOS, the 'motioncamera' is a wide-angle wireless camera, 'door/window contacts' allows you to monitor doors and windows, the 'streaming camera' is a Wi-Fi / Ethernet connected camera with full night-vision and wide angle support that provides a live view into your home. The abode system uses the location of your smartphone to automatically activate and deactivate the system. It's capable of supporting over 150 connected devices allowing you to protect your entire home. And its Visual Verification Technology is capable of providing images to you in less than 10 seconds of an event happening. It supports abodeSecure RF, ZigBee, IP enabled, and Z-Wave.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 10

D-Link Staples Connect Hub: The D-Link Staples Connect Hub is an integrated home automation system that allows you to control all your smart devices from your smartphone. It supports - Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, Zonoff, Lutron Clear Connect, and Bluetooth. It features Ethernet; USB ports and comes with WPS button.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 11

Ucon Smart Remote: Ucon is a rechargeable universal remote that allows you to control all electrical appliances. Whether it's your TV, set-top box, music player, air conditioner, air purifier, electric fan, light bulb, socket, and even your iPad - Ucon can control them all. Its recharge station allows you to locate it when you don't find it; all you need to do is just press the search button on Ucon center, and you will hear the call of your UCON. It supports multiple communication protocols, comes with simple APP configuration and remote pre-timing.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 12

BroadLink SmartONE Kit: BroadLink SmartONE is designed to give you a smarter, and a more secure home. The kit comes with 4 components - SmartONE, a doorsensor, a motionsensor and remote. It allows you to customize various monitoring and smart home settings and notifies you on your smartphone if it finds anything unusual. Its capable of learning from your routines, even giving you suggestions to better tailor your smart home schedule to your daily life.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 13

Floodbuzz Waterleak Detector: Just place them next to washing machines, washbasins, water heaters, radiators, bathrooms, basements, boats, sump pumps or anywhere you think there can be waterleak issue. Whenever it detects a small water leak, the detectors play a loud alert and let you know that you have a water problem that needs your immediate attention.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 14

Blueguard: Blueguard is a smart lock and Wi-Fi video doorbell that features a color video camera, high-sensitivity microphone, speaker and motionsensor. While working as a Wi-Fi wireless doorbell, when a visitor presses your doorbell or approaches to your door, you can opt to answer the call or ignore it. If you opt to answer, you can see and talk to your visitor at your door by using an iOS or Android smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. While using it as a home security system, set it to "alert" mode and it can detect and record who is at your home door, and take photos or video clips; then send alerts and those photos, video clips to your smartphone. It features a Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.1 hub that's always on and ready to connect to your smartphone and an IEEE802-11 b/g/n device that works with the 2.4ghz band and connects to your home Wi-Fi networks.

Must Have Home Gadgets (15) 15

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Mar 28, 2015

15 Functional Gadgets For Women - Part 5.

Collection of 'Functional Gadgets For Women' from all over the world.

Pear Training Intelligence System: It's a digital audio training system that coaches you in real time by monitoring your health metrics while adapting to your fitness level. It trains you smarter and makes you accomplish your goals faster by optimizing each workout. It learns your fitness level using a short calibration workout, and adjusts your workout accordingly. The in-ear audio coaching guide provides real-time adjustments, advice and feedback throughout your workout. Its app features hundreds of workouts and training plans. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 1
React Sidekick: This personal safety device sends a widespread alert with the click of a button. It's a low energy Bluetooth device that syncs with its app and puts security within reach when it counts. Once you click the React Sidekick, your family and friends will receive an alert email and text message letting them know where you are and that you need assistance. You can also choose to have your alerts posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 2

H2O-Pal: The H2O-Pal Water Bottle Module is a thin device that attaches to the base of your water bottle and tracks your water intake automatically. It uses accelerometer and weightsensor to monitor the water level in the bottle and sends smart notifications via Bluetooth Smart technology to the H2OPal app on your iPhone. The app analyses the data and shows the intake of water, it learns your habits and allows you to improve, and gives you smart notifications and reminders only when you need them.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 3

ReST Smart Bed: The ReST smart bed comes with pressure sensing fabric that is spread just beneath the outer layer of the mattress. The fabric is capable of measuring pressure from each part of your body on the mattress surface. And this data is sent to the microprocessor that controls the pump. This allows the bed to automatically adjust to your comfort needs throughout the night using the multiple air chambers embedded in it. The ReST Bed comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, is capable of reporting your sleep data and can be integrated into a smart home to create the perfect sleep conditions, such as temperature, light, and sound controls.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 4

Dubs Earplugs: Dubs are advanced tech acoustic filters that reduce volume without affecting the clarity of sound. They feature a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to protect your ears.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 5
UpRight: UpRight is a small wearable device that attaches to your lower back, uses accelerometer, multisensors and advanced algorithms that trains you to stand and sit upright in just a few weeks. It alerts you whenever your posture needs to be corrected; it also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and its app, a special training program developed by experts trains you to stand and sit upright in just a few weeks.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 6

Ivee Voice Activated Assistant: Simply plug Ivee in, and it connects to your home's Wi-Fi network; just say "hello Ivee" and start talking. It listens for your verbal command, allows you to manage and control your home's connected devices. Ivee controls other devices with the sound of your voice from thermostats, electronic locks, hubs and wearables. It even fetches live Internet content music, news, weather, stocks and more.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 7

Snap! 6: This iPhone 6 case makes taking a picture with your iPhone easy and smooth; it features actual shutter button and portable, interchangeable lenses.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 8

Embraceplus: Embraceplus is a smart piece of wearable technology that alerts you about important calls, texts, email and social networking using combination of visual and tactile cues while your smartphone stays in your pocket or purse.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 9

Patchnride: What makes this small handheld tool useful to you is the fact that it can repair punctured bike tires in 60 seconds and what more you don't even need to remove the tire from the bike.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 10

Hooke: Hooke wireless 3D audio headphones allows you to listen to your favorite music, record, edit and trim 3D audio, connect it with your smartphone's video camera, upload it to your social network, and stream it live to friends. It records in 3D audio, sounds identically to the way our ears hear it. Each earbud contains a speaker and microphone that allows you to both listen to and record 3-d audio without ever having to switch headphones.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 11

Wacom Inkling: Inkling by Wacom features a special pen and receiver that clips onto your sketchpad; it records (1024 levels of pressure) your drawing. Once you are done, connect the receiver to the notebook via USB and export them to Photoshop or Illustrator.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 12

Foot-Activated Tailgate: When you have heavy bags in both your hands, want to open the tailgate to place them inside the car, you need to put them down. But with this foot activated tailgate, its a thing of past.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 13
Smart Dot: Just plug this gadget into the audio jack of your smartphone and install the app and it allows you to use your smartphone as a pointer for your presentations. The app also allows your smartphone to synchronize with your notebook and use it as a trackpad.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 14
Keycharge: The Keycharge is an all-in-one keychain backup power source that can power up your smartphone or USB device whenever you need that extra bit of juice.

Functional Gadgets For Women (15) 15
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Mar 27, 2015

15 Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad.

Collection of 'Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad' from all over the world.

Somabar: Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected appliance designed for the home kitchen; it works with both Android and iOS devices.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 1

GOkey: The Gokey keeps your smartphone juiced up and can also be used as a cable, store your data, remote, locate your keys and find your phone.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 2

4iiii Sportiiiis: It features multi-colored lights that provides instant visual feedback of workout and racing data. It can be attached to any pair of glasses.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 3
Swingtip: This Golf Swing Analysis and Coaching System provides real-time golf swing analysis on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 4th Generation (iOS 7.0+) or Android phone (4.0+).

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 4
Bosch Robot Lawn Mower: The Bosch Robot Lawn Mower is an electric powered cordless robotic lawn mower that cuts the lawn by itself so you can relax.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 5
Neeo - The Thinking Remote: Neeo is a smart system that allows you to control all your devices from one place and even knows who you are when you hold it.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 6

Neck Massager with Wireless Remote Control: This compact neck massager features four professionally crafted automatic and six manual programs for customized massages.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 7
Sonic Foamer: The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic sound technology to create numerous tiny bubbles into your beverage.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 8

Coffee Cup Power Inverter: The Coffee Cup Power Inverter transforms your car's DC power into two 120-volt AC outlets. This 200-watt inverter comes with 2 AC plugs and a USB power port.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 9
Waterbuoy Keychain: This little smart device can lift up to 1Kg (2.2 lbs) and keep them floating for up to 24 hours. It contains a rubber balloon that automatically inflates when dropped in water and makes the dropped items to rise gently to the surface. Moreover it's equipped with a flashlight that makes it visible from a distance of over 250 meters (820ft) at night.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 10Haven: The Haven smart lock is anchored at the base of your front door, it creates a sturdier support system. It works with your smartphone, wearable devices and home automation devices.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 11

Coolware Personal Cooling System: This portable air-conditioning device is basically a collar for your neck that features a built-in 2-speedfan and a small reservoir that holds 2oz. of water, it creates a cooling sensation.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 12
Neuroon: Neuroon is your professional sleep and rest manager that makes you feel refreshed after waking up and relaxed throughout the day. This world's first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep creates a unique sleep schedule for you. It allows you to switch from monophasic to polyphasic sleep, which means you can sleep less and more efficiently. Using light therapy, this sleeping coach creates a setting of artificial dawn to wake you up in the most natural way possible.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 13

Magellan eXplorist 510 Pro Angler: This Magellan GPS comes with information about more than 4,000 lakes, waterways and fishing hotspots. This rugged handheld GPS features camera, microphone, and speaker to record your own notes to create a journal of your adventures.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 14
Circle: Circle allows you to supervise and limit how your family members spend time online. It allows smart filtering, time management, monitor online activity, and more.

Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy Dad (15) 15

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