Feb 23, 2015

15 Coolest Multipurpose Flashlights.

Collection of 'Coolest Multipurpose Flashlights' from all over the world.

Flashlight by Jumper Power Banks: It is a multipurpose device that works as a power bank with a 6000 mAh power source to recharge your iPhone 6 and other smartphones between 3 and 4 times on a single recharge. Its capable of recharging your 12V appliances. It can jumpstart your car up to 20 times on a single a recharge. It has a flashlight with three modes and more.

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Fogo: This smart flashlight features a built-in GPS, digital compass, an accelerometer, 2-way radio, text enabled, USB recharger and more. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It allows you to connect with your friends via text message, built-in walkie-talkie, and sharing your location and other data.

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GPS-Enabled Flashlight: The lights are especially designed for hikers; it combines GPS and flashlight in one gadget.

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mPower Flashlight: It gives 180 lumens of light and comes with a reserve power backup, which can hold its full capacity for up to 20 years. It also features a USB port for powering your other gadgets.

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'Light' by Owen Song: Designed especially for trekkers, the 'Light' is a multifunctional device that works as a map during the daytime and it can be made into a flashlight for traveling during nights.

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Zerohour: This rechargeable flashlight features a USB backup to recharge your iOS and Android smartphones. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it features a 3400 mAh USB backup and it's variable control ring allows you to choose brightness from 0 to 1000 lumens.

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Solar Flashlight: This transforming flashlight opens to become a lamp.

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Arka Flashlight: The Arka is a compact lantern/flashlight and also works as a portable recharging station for any USB-compatible device such as smartphones, cameras, GPS, and more.

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Key Stak: This key organizer features a built in flashlight.

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Memo Flashlight: Memo is a high-tech, compact and lightweight flashlight that combines the flashlight, camera and projector into one gadget.

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PowerLite: PowerLite is a portable recharger, flashlight, remote shutter and phone finder.

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Braven BRV-Bank Rugged Portable Backup: This Bluetooth-enabled power bank features a flashlight. And using its Braven BRV Bank App, you can wirelessly monitor power levels, start and stop recharging devices and locate the BRV-Bank from your smartphone.

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Dual Flashlight: When you pull this flashlight from opposite direction, it separates into two flashlights that are connected with a fluorescent strap. The florescent rope/strap can be held by two people on either ends while other can use it as a safety guide.

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Waterproof Flashlight: It creates 350 lumen, 250-meter lighting distance, can be rotated 360 degrees with specialized bicycle bracket, and comes with customized 16 corehigh quality speaker and digital amplifier.

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Zuva: This solar flashlight gives 185 lumen, features a 2,200 mAh power source to recharge your iPhone or Android smartphones.

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