Feb 5, 2015

15 Best and Useful Fitness Gadgets - Part 2.

Collection of 'Best and Useful Fitness Gadgets' from all over the world to keep you in best of health.

Breathometer Mint: Breathometer Mint is a smart device that tracks your oral health and hydration using your breath. Just place the device in your mouth to sample the air and the results are displayed on your smartphone along with your hydration level.

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RhinoBoss: RhinoBoss is portable home gym that provides you full body workout. Its uniqueness comes in its space saving design; it is a completely customizable system, allows you to choose your strength level anywhere between 1-450lbs. You also get access to virtual gym with step-by-step instructions to follow.

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SmartMat: SmartMat, is the world's first intelligent yoga mat that links to your smartphone and guides your through a series of audio and visual indicators, allows you a more detailed and insightful yoga session.

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OneLink Watch: With the press of a button, you can notify your contacts to your status and location. Your friends and family will receive the alerts on their Onelink App and can pinpoint the exact location through GPS. And it has alert acknowledgement that lets you know when someone has received and acknowledge your alert. This personal security and fitness watch is not just about safety; it measures key health metrics, allows you to set fitness and health goals, your distance, steps and progress throughout the day. It tracks exactly when you fell asleep and woke up, as well as your stages of light, deep and REM sleep. The device displays your emails, texts, incoming calls, and other notifications.

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Pear Training Intelligence System: Its a digital audio training system that coaches you in real time by monitoring your health metrics while adapting to your fitness level. It trains you smarter and makes you accomplish your goals faster by optimizing each workout. It learns your fitness level using a short calibration workout, and adjusts your workout accordingly. The in-ear audio coaching guide provides real-time adjustments, advice and feedback throughout your workout. It's app features hundreds of workouts and training plans. Its compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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Beacon: Beacon is a smart mat for yoga that provides interactive guidance. It connects to your laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth or USB cable to track your progress and provide you feedback. Using it's embedded lights as indicators, it allows you to perfect your pose.

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Star.21 Fitness Band: Star.21 is a Fitness Tracker that allows you to start a healthy lifestyle and cultivate long lasting healthy habits through a unique gamingexperience. Taking the leaf from "21 Days Habit Formation" concept, the Lifebalanz App attempts to guide you through the first 21 days with progressive milestones.

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MOTi: MOTi is a gym wearable device that coaches you through your workout sessions and motivates you. You can wear it on wrist/ankle, or thigh and it identifies types of workout, logs your reps, calculates calories used.

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Smart Skipping Rope: This smart skipping rope is designed to encourage you to get more active. It features Bluetooth and an accelerometer, connects to your iOS/Android device, and has iOS Health and Googlefit integration. Its also features jump and step counter, can calculate calories used, built-in display and more.

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Freewavz: These Smart Earphones provide superior comfort and sound; features a built-in fitness monitor.

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Garmin Vivoactive: This smart watch is GPS enabled, capable of tracking running, biking, golfing, swimming and activity tracking. It displays your data on your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone and notifies you of incoming calls, texts, email, calendar items and more. Its high-resolution color touchscreen display stays readable in outdoor light.

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Arki: This wearable band analyzes your walking posture and coaches you to walk healthy and with confidence, provides your body balance and tracks your daily activities.

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Lechal Smart Footwear: These Bluetooth-enabled shoes and insoles from Lechal come with GPS and fitness tracking capabilities.

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Sensoria Fitness Tracker: The Sensoria Smart Socks for runners are made from high-tech running friendly fabric, an electronic anklet magnetically attaches to the sock and an app monitors and guides you through real-time audio cues while you run.

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Dash: The Dash consists of wireless stereo earphones that playback music through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. It works as a fitness tracker and more.

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