Jan 14, 2015

12 Smart Voice Activated Gadgets.

Collection of 'Smart Voice Activated Gadgets' from all over the world.

Cubic: Cubic controls your devices, apps, and services from anywhere, just by simply speaking to it. While you are away from your home it can adjust the temperature in your home, turn off your lights, lock your doors, and more. On the go, it can remind you where you parked, tell you how many calories you've used, and make funny comments about the news. In the car, it can give you updates and read you emails. And at home it can tell you when your favorite show is on, play music, order stuff, read instructions while you cook, and more.

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Ivee Voice Activated Assistant: Simply plug Ivee in and it connects to your home's Wi-Fi network; just say "hello Ivee" and start talking. It listens for your verbal command, allows you to manage and control your home's connected devices. Ivee controls other devices with the sound of your voice from thermostats, electronic locks, hubs and wearables. It even fetches live Internet content music, news, weather, stocks and more.

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Ubi: The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer that plugs into the wall outlet, and connects to Internet through Wi-Fi, allow to email, call friends, monitor every room in your home (where Ubi is plugged in) and more.

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Homey: Homey is speech-controlled home automation that allows you to talk to your home to control everything from lights to music, from climate to TV. Here are a few things that Homey can do. Your lights fade, your thermostat is set to a comfortable level while your favorite music is streamed to your receiver when you get home. The curtains are opened, your morning tune is playing on your stereo while the weather for today and your e-mails are being read to you when you wake up in the morning. The curtains are closed, lights dimmed, music fades out and the TV is set to the correct channel and your media center plays the movie when you want to watch a movie. When there is no one in the house, the Homey turns down the heat, switches all your lights and devices off to save energy. And Homey makes sure that your front door is locked.

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Amazon Echo: This smart device is always on and connected to Wi-Fi; all you need to say is the wake word, "Alexa" and it lights up and streams audio to the cloudserver running on Amazon Web Services to get you information, music, news, weather, and more. The more you use it, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. This voice control device features seven microphones below its light ring that uses beamforming technology to hear you from any direction, and can hear you ask a question even while it's playing music. Its Bluetooth enabled and streams your favorite music services like Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora from your smartphone. And its dual speakers create 360° omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound.

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Earity: Earity is a wireless voice controlled earbud with awesome audio quality with incredible voice commands and reduces distracted driving. It can be placed comfortably in your ear, notifies you of an incoming call by telling the name of the person calling. You can accept or reject phone calls by saying "yes" or "no". It provides 20 days of working on a single recharge. It recharges automatically when placed in its holder and is ready any time you need it. With Earity, now you can leave your bulky headphones behind and enjoy incredible sound and conversations.

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speeCup Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The speeCup is a Siri/S voice activated portable Bluetooth speaker. This portable 8" tall speaker connects via Bluetooth, has a range up to 30 feet and can also be connected using auxiliary cable directly to your car or home stereo system. It also features gesture control and plays music and functions as a handsfree speakerphone in your car.

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Talking Coffee Maker: This voice-interactive coffee maker features an advanced voice recognition system that listens to your verbal commands and does the required.

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Navdy: Navdy features a 5.1-inch transparent heads-up display that presents your phone's navigation info and incoming notifications in center view. It connects using Bluetooth, provides easy-to-read directions that can be controlled with simple voice commands. It also features an accelerometer, an e-compass, an ambient lightsensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, a mini USB port, and OBD-II power and data connection to your car computer with an optional 12-volt power adapter.

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Smart Knife: Electrolux's touch screen kitchen knife is a rechargeable knife that tells you how fresh your food is, it's nutritional value and more. It comes along with two options - voice recognition or touch screen.

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GPS Tracker Phone: The Petscell™ is a voice enabled waterproof GPS cellphone for dogs. It combines GPS technology with a built-in cellphone that allows you to track and also receive an automatic notification every time your dog moves outside a preprogrammed boundary. It also features a "call owner" button and you can even call your dog's Petcell.

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Mirror 2.0: The Mirror 2.0 uses voice command, face and gesture recognition technology; two displays are placed behind a one-way mirror with a camera. It plays your music or movies, displaying your e-book or streaming the news. Apart from these it even communicates reminders or gives you updates on the weather and more.

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