Jan 12, 2015

15 Smart Safety Gadgets for You.

Collection of 'Smart Safety Gadgets for You' from all over the world.

Driver's Texting Disabler: This palm-sized transmitter plugs into a car's OBD-II port and connects via Bluetooth to an app on the smartphone and prevents the driver from texting, accessing emails, and web browsing on a smartphone while the car is moving.

Smart and Innovative OBD-II Gadgets (11) 8
See Sense: This smart bike light detects various problematic biking scenarios and responds by increasing its brightness and flashrate to make you more visible to others.

Innovative and Smart Gadgets For Cyclists (15) 6
U-Wake: This smart wearable device detects your fatigue level and alerts you using smartphone app. The app also alerts your friends and family to call you to talk and keep you awake. Its designed to keep you safe while you are driving.

Functional and Practical Car Gadgets (15) 3

Stridalyzer Smart Insoles: These smart insoles allows you to improve your running form. All you need to do is put them in your shoes, turn the app on, and start running. It collects data about your run and monitors your run and interrupts only when it needs to "alert" you with some important information or quick guidance.

Useful Gadgets for Runners (15) 4

DRIVE: DRIVE enables in-car messaging only when your hands are on the wheel, that means less distraction and staying focused on the road. It reads out your messages and notifications from your smartphone; you can interact with DRIVE by simply swiping your fingers. Its easy to install; using a magnetic base on the steering wheel column, connect it to your smartphone app, register it, and you are good to go.

Functional and Practical Car Gadgets (15) 1

Kuna: Kuna is a smart home security system that features Wi-Fi camera with intercom, built into an outdoor light. It detects people coming to your home and allows you to see and speak to them using your smartphone, from anywhere. Kuna is capable of filtering out false alerts like swaying trees, small animals, and more. Its also capable of recognizing different moving patterns, and can tell the difference between someone coming home, someone leaving, and a visitor waiting at the door. It allows you to choose to receive all these alerts, or only alerts of a particular type. It also acts as an alarmsiren. Its a smart light too which can be controlled from your smartphone, set a schedule, or use the dusk-to-dawn and other modes. Its easy to install, takes under 15 minutes, uses your existing wiring, is a drop-in replacement for your existing light fixture. It's app supports both iOS and Android devices.

Smart High Tech Gadgets For Your Home (15) 3

AppYourCar: AppYourCar is a smartphone gear that perfectly integrates your smartphone into your car. It consists of a wireless Bluetooth controller, a wireless dashboard holder and an innovative mobile app. Its specifically designed to give you an easy and safe way to use your smartphone in your car. It allows you to use all your messaging or social media apps right there on your smartphone without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel.

Functional and Practical Car Gadgets (15) 6

Mobileye C2-270: The Mobileye C2-270 is an alerting system that detects and alerts you when your vehicle is in close proximity to pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and other vehicles.

Smart and Awesome Driving Gadgets (15) 14
SurfEasy: SurfEasy makes it possible to take your own Web Browser and Internet Encryption tool in your wallet. You can use it on any computer for private browsing.

Smart and Innovative Privacy Gadgets (12) 5

Kidokey: Kidokey plugs into the home router and creates a second Wi-Fi network for kids that empowers them to explore the Internet safely and without distraction. It comes with 100s of thousands of sites already reviewed by Kidokey team and you can also easily control through a mobile app or a web dashboard.

Best and Useful Gadgets for Parents (15) 6

Point: Point connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi and listens to the sounds of your home, senses what's in the air and lets you know if anything is wrong.

Useful Gadgets for New Parents (15) 5

Rear View Mirror: It has a 180° field of view compared to the standard mirrors that provides only 52°, provides the reflection of rear vehicles across an entire five-lane highway, and allows you to continuously monitor adjacent vehicles from the moment they begin to pass until they are visible. It clamps to your existing rear view mirror and reduces the headlight glare of trailing vehicles by 50%.

Smart and Awesome Driving Gadgets (15) 7
Anti Sleep Pilot: This little gizmo keeps you up and safe; it calculates your tiredness level, maintains your alertness, recommends a break and features easy to use design.

Smart and Awesome Driving Gadgets (15) 4
Beacon: Its a Bluetooth controlled wearable smart safety system for runners and cyclists that features an accelerometer-based brake light.

Useful Gadgets for Runners (15) 6

goTenna: goTenna is a small, rugged device that connects wirelessly with your iPhone or Android smartphone, enables you to text and share your location with any other goTenna-enabled smartphone even if you don't have network for miles. goTenna uses 151-154 MHz frequencies that makes it extremely long-range, but with an extremely low bandwidth network that allows you to send text messages and GPS coordinates only. goTenna works anywhere on the planet, requires no towers, routers or satellites and allows you to communicate with one another. It cost $150 for two devices, its no use buying one as you need two if want to form a your own network.

Smart Gadgets That Keeps You Connected Anywhere (11) 1

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