Jan 22, 2015

12 Smart Beverage and Water Bottles.

Collection of 'Smart Beverage and Water Bottles' from all over the world.

H2O-Pal: The H2O-Pal Water Bottle Module is a thin device that attaches to the base of your water bottle and tracks your water intake automatically. It uses accelerometer and weightsensor to monitor the water level in the bottle and sends smart notifications via Bluetooth Smart technology to the H2OPal app on your iPhone. The app analyses the data and shows the intake of water, it learns your habits and allows you to improve, and gives you smart notifications and reminders only when you need them.

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Ilumi Smart Bottle: This smart bottle tracks your water intake, connects to your device via Bluetooth for notification and makes sure that you are properly hydrated. Whenever you take a sip, it automatically registers your water intake and updates its light ring to the right colors. Apart from this, at the same time it will sync with your smartphone and gives you a live update and lets you know exactly how much water you have taken in.

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Intelligent Water Bottle: The Sportline Hydracoach is an interactive water bottle, it allows you to program your own personal hydration requirements into the integrated computer and track your daily water usage sip by sip.

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Blufit Water Bottle: This smart water bottle works with your smartphone; it's app collects various factors such as your weight, age, temperature and humidity to determine exactly how much water you need. As you drink from your Blufit bottle, it records automatically the time and amount of water intake and sends the data to your smartphone and keeps you healthy and hydrated.

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Cuptime Smart Cup: This smart cup works with your smartphone to record your water drinking habits and reminds you to stay hydrated. The cup changes colors as per the temperature of your beverage. Using 3D accelerationsensor and motionrecognition algorithm, it knows your water intake. Based on your physical condition, activity level, and surrounding temperature, it plans out the most reasonable water-drinking plan for you. It transfers data to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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The Hug: Just place the Hug band around your water bottle and connect it to an iOS device, it tracks the amount of water intake, gives you automatic reminders via the band and the iOS app to make sure you maintain optimal hydration. The Hug app works as your Personal Hydration Coach, calculates your optimal hydration level and alerts you to keep you on track. It's app links to your FitBit and Runkeeper for exercise tracking and adjusts hydration needs accordingly.

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Gatorade Smart Bottle: Gatorade teamed up with Smart Design to develop this smart bottle for keeping athletes (World Cup 2014) hydrated. It tracks the water intake and the NIC transfers the data it collects to the cloudsever. And if any player is underhydrated, a water droplet symbol goes red, which allows the coaches and trainers to take corrective action and keep a tab on them.

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Jomiinteractive: This is your personal hydration tracker that makes sure you stay optimally hydrated throughout the day. It attaches around your water bottle and connects via Bluetooth 4 with your smartphone and web application. Whenever you take a sip, it knows your water intake and provides you the most accurate feedback. All you need to do is enter your details; the system constantly monitors your hydration levels, and notifies you via its embedded lights or push notifications to keep you on track.

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Smart Baby Bottle Holder: This is a smart baby bottle holder that was unveiled at the CES 2015 by French company Slow Control. It tracks your baby's milk intake, and its app updates you about baby's intake, the time, quantity and more. Apart from these, it also shows you the correct way to hold a baby bottle and alerts you of any clogs in the bottle.

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Vessyl: This smart cup analyzes liquids and tells you what beverage you are having by name. It also tells you its dietary content, such as sugar, protein, calories, fat, and more; it synchronizes them to your smartphone.

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Sleevely: Sleevely monitors and records your baby's eating times and intakes; and using its app you can track your baby's eating habits anytime, anywhere. It also provides recommendations as well as benchmark comparisons for your baby. It sends you push notifications to your smartphone in real time; it comes equipped with Bluetooth Smart that transfers all information to your mobile device when the bottle is idle. Its compatible with iOS devices and Android support is supposed to come soon.

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Milkmaid: The Milkmaid gives you notifications on your smartphone when your milk goes bad, about the quality of milk or if the milk is left out for too long.

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