Jan 31, 2015

15 Must Have Travel Gadgets - Part 9.

Collection of 'Must Have Travel Gadgets' from all over the world to make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Trunkster: This innovative luggage features a zipperless entry for faster access, USB recharging, a built-in scale, and GPS. Trunkster's sliding door/rolltop door lets you access your belongings instantly, its extremely durable and waterproof, made of a rigid exterior and corrugated, malleable interior. It also provides a better level of protection, unlike zippers. Trunkster can recharge your phone up to 9 times, it features removable power bank that allows you to recharge your devices anywhere you go. It features a built-in digital scale that works by simply lifting your bag, and can be switched between lbs and kgs. It's GPS enabled that allows you to track it from any connected device, and is activated with the push of a button.

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Electropack: The Electropack from Soot is a transforming bag system that is capable of recharging your mobile devices for up to two weeks off the grid.

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Mountaineering Pants: These Mountaineering Pants are tailored for mountaineering; it features the 3-D-Bionicsphere sweat management system that works along with your body's natural cooling mechanism and assists with temperature.

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Looxcie 3 Lifestreaming HD Video Camera: The Looxcie 3 is a compact design video camera that records, streams, and shares simultaneously. This wearable device can be fixed to your backpack, t-shirt, or anywhere you want, it features built-in Wi-Fi and connects to your smartphone wirelessly. You can use your smartphone as your viewfinder, and as remote control to record, or "live" stream your broadcast to a selected audience over mobile networks and even on Facebook.

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Swisskey: Swisskey is a key organizer and multi-tool that syncs to your smartphone (iPhone and Android devices). In virtual leash alert mode if you move out of a pre-set range, you get a notification immediately on your smartphone. And in "Find It" mode, you can either walk in a specific direction until the tracker appears on your smartphone screen, or depending on the situation, the tracker will eventually come in range, and your smartphone will then alert you.

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Heated Jacket: The 13 Hour Heated Jacket features three temperature settings; it provides warmth for up to 13 hours of continuous heat on the lowest level, and to four hours on the highest.

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Aroma Travel Pillow: The Aroma Snoozer travel pillow combines comfort with the aromatherapy oils; it can be a great pillow for car or airline travel.

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Casamista Portable Humidifier: Design by Alan Wisniewski for Umbra, this house shaped portable humidifier works with any water bottle or glass. It comes with purifying filter and can be powered by a USB cable connected to your notebook.

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Zip It Passport Socks: With these you can keep your passport and cash securely in this zippered sock.

Must Have Travel Gadgets (15) 9Maxstone iPhone Remote Shutter: This wireless remote allows you to control your DSLR through your iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0. All you need to do is shake your iPhone or press the button in your app to control your camera's shutter. Apart from this it provides powerful, multivariate, and long lasting time-lapse photography, bulb, video, and many other professional photography features.

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Flipside 2X Wallet: The Flipeside 2X features an RFID blocking shield, tough construction and opens up to the full extent that allows you to access your cards and cash quickly and with ease.

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mPower Flashlight: It gives 180 lumens of light and comes with a reserve power backup, which can hold its full capacity for up to 20 years. It also features a USB port for powering your other gadgets.

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Self-Powered Recharger: This self-powered recharger features a powerful built-in generator, 2,300 mAh of power, gives power to your devices no matter where you are.

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Samsonite Convertible Trolley Stroller Bag: An interesting stroller concept by Castiglione Morelli Design; it includes a specialized section that is attached to the luggage that folds out into a kid's seat.

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Branto: Branto is a smart assistant that provides security, 360° vision, communication and control of your home devices. Branto lets you see and hear everything that happens inside your home. Its 360° Camera allows you to direct its angle from your smartphone. Branto lets you keep a keen eye on the house while you're away. It sends instant notification whenever it tracks anything unusual moving or sound. Its night vision mode allows you to see in complete darkness. Branto allows you to listen to your favorite services; it's wireless speakers transform your smartphone into a cool sound system. You can even listen to audiobooks using their partner Findaway World. With Branto and your smartphone, you can manage all your smart home appliances. It gives you a remote presence and works like your eyes, ears, voice and even your hands that need to be where you aren't. It plays well with other smart devices - ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellularmodules. You can control Branto with smartphone or Google Glasses.

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