Jan 28, 2015

15 Functional and Innovative Rechargers.

Collection of 'Functional and Innovative Rechargers' from all over the world.

Plan V: Plan V is a failsafe recharger for your smartphone that will be always with you and is small enough to sit on your keyring.

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Pronto: Pronto is the fastest recharging portable power pack that in just 5 minutes gets you enough juice to fully recharge an iPhone 5 on-the-go. There are two models Pronto 5 and Pronto 12; Pronto 5 comes equipped with a high-power 2.4 A USB port, 4,500 mAh capacity that is able to recharge an iPhone 5 three times. While Pronto 12 comes with a 13,500 mAh capacity, is capable of recharging iPhone 5 nine times. It also has dual high-power 2.4 A USB ports and includes a 12V adapter that allows you to recharge larger devices such as laptops, DSLR cameras, and more.

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Pond Wireless Recharger: Ponds provides you with wireless recharging for Android and Windows phones with Qi capability; also for iPhone 5/5s with the fastest Qi enabling case. The Pond "Duo" will simultaneously recharge two Qi-enabled devices.

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WakaWaka Base: The WakaWaka Base is a compact portable solar power kit that is capable of providing multiple phone recharges or an entire week of light with a single day of solar light.

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Reeljuice: The Reeljuice Portable Power Solution comes with fully retractable, 48" recharging cable and has enough juice to recharge a smartphone up to 6 times.

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TravelCard Recharger: This credit card-sized recharger makes sure you have reserve power available, in your wallet for your iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Rugged and Fully Waterproof Portable Recharger: Its an ultra-compact, high-capacity recharger that comes packed with 8000 mAh of power, dual-USB output system, and is capable of rapidly recharging two devices at one go with the same recharging speed as an outlet. It can recharge any USB enabled device anywhere, anytime. It weighs only 8.43 ounces, measures 5.74" high, 3.19" wide and just .51" thick and can be easily placed in your back pocket.

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Portable Wind Turbine Recharger: Its a portable wind turbine that comes with 15000mAh capacity, a 15W generator and a USB port, it recharges your gadgets. It becomes a wind turbine charger with three blades when stretched.

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Swich: Swich is a sophisticated wireless recharger for Qi enabled smartphones.

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Portable Wireless Recharger: This is the next generation portable recharger that wirelessly recharges your phone at anytime, anywhere.

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Self-Powered Recharger: This self-powered recharger features a powerful built-in generator, 2,300 mAh of power, gives power to your devices no matter where you are.

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Suncache: The Suncache is a flexible solar recharger that can recharge multiple devices directly using solar energy, store power away for the future, use or perform both functions simultaneously.

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Spor: Spor is world's most open and customizable solar recharger and power system that recharges multiple devices at once and as fast as a wall outlet. It can be recharged by an outlet or passively via the solar energy.

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Solarade: This world's smallest solar recharger recharges your iPhone in 2 hours with solar energy. It can recharge any device via USB cable.

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Mimopower: Mimopower gives you character-based rechargeable portable power for smartphones, mobile devices and more.

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