Dec 30, 2014

15 Useful Home Automation Gadgets - Part 3.

Collection of 'Useful Home Automation Gadgets' from all over the world to make your home more high tech and comfortable.

Homey: Homey is speech-controlled home automation that allows you to talk to your home to control everything from lights to music, from climate to TV. Here are a few things that Homey can do. Your lights fade, your thermostat is set to a comfortable level while your favorite music is streamed to your receiver when you get home. The curtains are opened, your morning tune is playing on your stereo while the weather for today and your e-mails are being read to you when you wake up in the morning. The curtains are closed, lights dimmed, music fades out and the TV is set to the correct channel and your media center plays the movie when you want to watch a movie. When there is no one in the house, the Homey turns down the heat, switches all your lights and devices off to save energy. And Homey makes sure that your front door is locked.

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Modern Home Control: Its designed to simplify how you control your home; allows you to control and monitor remotely from your smartphone. It provides climate control, sprinkler control and security for your home

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eCozy: eCozy is a self-learning heating solution with touchsensor and remote control. Its special energy-saving heating algorithms will save almost 30% of your annual heating bill, making it a smart choice for your home.

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Canary: Canary is a complete security system that adjusts to your home over time and sends intelligent notifications with HD video directly to your smartphone. It alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary and can be controlled entirely from your iPhone or Android device.

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Quirky + GE Smart Door and Windowsensor: All you need to do is install it on your bedroom window, pantry door, or cabinet and keep a track of them from anywhere. Whenever the door or the window gets opened or closed, you'll instantly get an alert on the smartphone.

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Norm Smart Thermostat: Norm allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature of your home remotely from your smartphone. You can create smart schedules as per your budget or can set it to pre-heat or pre- cool using geofencing of your smartphone. You can control it manually also, just tap once to turn the temperature down and twice to turn it up.

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Arist: Arist simplifies everything into a simple machine, you can download recipes and make coffees like the world's best baristas at the tap of a smartphone. It makes coffee in a specific, precise, and consistent way.

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Habitat Home Automation: Habitat makes home automation simple, secure, and easy to install. Habitat is a smart home automation platform that transforms existing devices into smart connected products. This home automation platform consists of Habitat Park, Habitat Protect, Habitat Learn and Habitat Hub.

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Edyn Smart Garden System: The Edyn Smart Garden System consists of solar-powered, Wi-Fi connected devices: the Edyn Gardensensor and the Edyn Water Valve. Just insert the garden device into the soil and it tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture. The app then verifies this information with plant, soil science and weather databases to recommend which plants will grow best in your garden, optimal time for planting and more. The Edyn Water Valve, uses the data collected to smartly control your existing watering system, watering your plants only when needed. You can also use the app to manually water your plants from anywhere.

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Notion: Notion is said to be 'home intelligence system' that takes tracking to a whole new level. Notion features a central hub (connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi) and multiple pods that work wirelessly. These pods are designed to detect multiple action, to be precise capable of detecting 8 customized actions. These pods feature an accelerometer, ambient lightsensor, gyroscope, temperature meter, piezoelectric transducer, proximitysensor and detects waterleak. If you place it on your front door, it lets you know if someone knocks on the door, if the door didn't shut, if the door is opened, who has opened the door, temperature in the room, whether the lights are powered on or off in the room and more. You can receive alerts via text, email or the mobile app on your iOS and Android devices.

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Somabar: Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected appliance designed for the home kitchen; it works with both Android and iOS devices.

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Homeboy WiFi Camera: Homeboy comes with IFTTT integration to connect the camera into various other smarthome tech, like SmartThings, hue lights, or Belkin's WeMo motionsensors. You can manually activate the camera and it's alerts service, allow geofencing when you leave the home or allow IFTTT integration to do it for you. The base can be fixed to a wall, doorjam, or somewhere else, and the camera attaches magnetically to it. You can set it to get alerts individually or set up a "Crew" who will get notifications as well as activating the geofencing.

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Mr. Postman: Mr. Postman is a Wi-Fi enabled, solar powered mailbox that will let you know when your mail arrives and when your outgoing mail has been picked up. You can lock or unlock it remotely via your smartphone; it also learns about the postman's schedule and keeps the mailbox locked until his arrival. Apart from these, you can also send a virtual key to a neighbor or friend to have access to your mailbox.

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Jalousier: This smart device clips onto your existing venetians and automatically adjusts them in accordance to the weather, room temperature and lighting conditions. It connects using Wi-Fi and ZigBee.

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Wireless Smart Plug: Plug in this wireless power monitor into your outlet and using a smartphone app it keeps track of power usage, voltage, the cumulative cost of the electricity used and more.

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