Dec 17, 2014

12 Smart and Innovative Suitcases.

Collection of 'Smart and Innovative Suitcases' from all over the world to make your travel more comfortable, high tech and stylish.

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase: Bluesmart, the world's first smart carryon suitcase that you can control from your smartphone, lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind and find out more about your travel habits. What more, it even recharges your gadgets.

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Trunkster: This innovative luggage features a zipperless entry for faster access, USB recharging, a built-in scale, and GPS. Trunkster's sliding door/rolltop door lets you access your belongings instantly, its extremely durable and waterproof, made of a rigid exterior and corrugated, malleable interior. It also provides an enhanced level of protection, unlike zippers. Trunkster can recharge your phone up to 9 times, it features removable power bank that allows you to recharge your devices anywhere you go. It features a built-in digital scale that works by simply lifting your bag, and can be switched between lbs and kgs. Its GPS enabled that allows you to track it from any connected device, and is activated with the push of a button.

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Fugu Luggage: This smart suitcase can transform from a carryon to a full-size check-in, act as a closet, a table and more. At a press of a button the built-in electric pump activates and the luggage expands to the size of a maximum carryon or a maximum check-in. It also features foldable built-in shelves that enable the suitcase to double as a storage unit. Its height and width makes it ideal for use as a portable table or can be utilized for a variety of purposes. It comes with a removable laptop case that doubles as a laptop stand. And what more, it doesn't weigh significantly more than the average suitcase.

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Self-Propelled Suitcase: This self-propelled luggage automatically provides power assistance when you need it. The electric motors in the wheels propel the suitcase up to 3 MPH. It can hold up to 70 1/2 lbs; and it needs at least 15-lbs in the suitcase for the power assistance to work, holder needs to be pulled out from the suitcase, and tilted between 15° and 35°.

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Thrive Traveler Luggage: The Thrive Traveler Luggage is inspired by skateboarding, and its wheel assembly uses actual skateboard parts. This luggage is ready for any type of adventure, from urban streets to the mountain peaks.

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Olaf Scooter: You have two models here: Olaf Business and Olaf Urban. The Olaf Business is a carryon airline-approved suitcase, a trolley, and a kickscooter. While Olaf Urban features removable backpack, sturdy trolley, a steerable kickscooter, and a wooden skateboard.

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Pumpack: Its a vacuum packed suitcase, which comes with a pump to compress clothes to make more packing room.

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Micro Luggage Scooter: The Samsonite Micro Luggage Scooter is an innovative luggage which can be used as a means of easy transport within airports.

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Crashbaggage: This creative luggage features a unique design, it looks like the suitcase had seen some rough days. It features a system called "Follow my Bag" which provides a unique code to each suitcase, that is connected to a database online and is available 24/7.

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Washing Machine Suitcase: This extremely light suitcase has a locking trolley system with multiple height stops, luxurious interior, packing straps and interior pockets. The holders come with memory foam for extra comfort, TSA locks, a unique TurtleTrace number and QR-code lost and found code.

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Trackase: Trackase is a lightweight luggage thats tough enough to survive anything and comes equipped with tracking technology so you can monitor it's location on your smartphone.

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TUL Self-Weighing Suitcase: TUL Suitcase comes with a built-in weighing scale that doesn't require you to lift in order to check the weight.

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