Dec 8, 2014

15 Smart and Awesome Driving Gadgets.

Collection of 'Smart and Awesome Driving Gadgets' from all over the world to make your drive more comfortable.

Passport Max2: Passport Max2 comes with built in Bluetooth technology, gives you access to its award-winning app. This real-time ticket-protection network, informs you of upcoming alerts received and reported by others in the area. It also gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts. It comes preloaded with speed camera locations throughout North America.

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Bluetooth Speakerphone: This slim speakerphone from Plantronics clips securely onto your visor. Its Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) can stream music, play podcasts, access GPS navigation, and more. The K100 comes with a convenient in-car recharger with Micro USB connector that allows you to recharge it in your car.

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3.5mm Audio FM Transmitter with USB Car Recharger: With this device you can transmit your favorite tunes from smartphone to your car stereo. Its compatible with smartphone and MP3/ MP4 and it recharges smartphone, GPS, and other gadgets.

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Anti Sleep Pilot: This little gizmo keeps you up and safe; it calculates your tiredness level, maintains your alertness, recommends a break and features easy to use design.

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Clickdrive: All you need to do is just plug Clickdrive into your car and download your Smart Driving apps, and it acts as a link between your car and the connected world. It works as an assist (notify your friends and family and automatically get assistance if you have a break down). Click track - monitor your car from anywhere, car protect - allows you to constantly monitor your car's, black box and fuel saver.

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Universal Car Flip Sunvisor: It clips on your existing sunshade and can be used during the day as well as night; the transparent gray one shades the day light while the yellow one blocks the car lights at night.

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Rear View Mirror: It has a 180° field of view compared to the standard mirrors that provides only 52°, provides the reflection of rear vehicles across an entire five-lane highway, and allows you to continuously monitor adjacent vehicles from the moment they begin to pass until they are visible. It clamps to your existing rear view mirror and reduces the headlight glare of trailing vehicles by 50%.

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Drive with Lynk: Lynk is a Bluetooth device that plugs into your vehicle and wirelessly transmits data to your iOS or Android device and lets you monitor your driving profile.

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CG Lock: The CG-Lock easily clips onto your vehicle's seatbelt and maintains seatbelt tension. It increases comfort, enhanced safety, and gives better driver control.

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EE Car WiFi: Designed specifically for car, van or caravan use; it plugs into your car's 12V connection, and allows you to connect up to 10 devices to it via WiFi.

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Navdy: Navdy features a 5.1-inch transparent heads-up display that presents your phone's navigation info and incoming notifications in center view. It connects using Bluetooth, provides easy-to-read directions which can be controlled with simple voice commands. It also features an accelerometer, an e-compass, an ambient lightsensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, a mini USB port, and OBD-II power and data connection to your car computer with an optional 12-volt power adapter.

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Eton Torq Self-Powered Spotlight: The Eton Road Torq Self-Powered Spotlight and Beacon can be of great use for roadside assistance in case you want to change the tire in dark or something similar. Its a handpowered rechargeable flashlight and beacon, it even works with DC power input (12V), and comes with foldable tripod for easy setup and storage.

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X-Vue K3: This compact video camera is designed to be used as a black box video recording system for your car. Using a 2 gigabyte SD memory card that comes included, it can hold up to 2 hours of video footage. It measures 4 x 1.6 x 3 inches and weighs 3.3 ounces and can be installed behind your rear-view mirror.

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Mobileye C2-270: The Mobileye C2-270 is an alerting system that detects and alerts you when your vehicle is in close proximity to pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and other vehicles.

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Car Cushion with Massage and Heat: This massaging and heated car cushion can be of good use on a long drive or on a winter day.

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