Dec 20, 2014

15 Practical High Tech Home Gadgets - Part 7.

Collection of 'Practical High Tech Home Gadgets' from all over the world to make your home more comfortable and high tech.

Olive One: The Olive One is world's first all-in-one HD music player that plays all your music through one simple touch-screen interface. It plays your favorite music services like Spotify, Deezer and Pandora or music from your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Homey: Homey is speech-controlled home automation that allows you to talk to your home to control everything from lights to music, from climate to TV. Here are a few things that Homey can do. Your lights fade, your thermostat is set to a comfortable level while your favorite music is streamed to your receiver when you get home. The curtains are opened, your morning tune is playing on your stereo while the weather for today and your e-mails are being read to you when you wake up in the morning. The curtains are closed, lights dimmed, music fades out and the TV is set to the correct channel and your media center plays the movie when you want to watch a movie. When there is no one in the house, the Homey turns down the heat, switches all your lights and devices off to save energy. And Homey makes sure that your front door is locked.

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Somabar: Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected appliance designed for the home kitchen; it works with both Android and iOS devices.

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eCozy: eCozy is a self-learning heating solution with touchsensor and remote control. Its special energy-saving heating algorithms will save almost 30% of your annual heating bill, making it a smart choice for your home.

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DefenDoor: This universal home-security system connects to your smartphone to make protecting your home easier than ever. DefenDoor acts as a camera, doorbell, and alarmsystem that attaches to any surface and alerts you when there is any unusual activity. It connects to your smartphone and allows you to see what's happening. It takes a photo of the visitor and sends it to your smartphone; you can accept a one-way video chat with the visitor or send a pre-recorded message when you are not available. DefenDoor is a wireless, waterproof monitoring solution that can be used inside or outside your home.

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Quirky + GE Smart Door and Windowsensor: All you need to do is to install it on your bedroom window, pantry door, or cabinet and keep a track of them from anywhere. Whenever the door or the window gets opened or closed, you'll instantly get an alert on the smartphone.

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EverSense Wi-Fi Thermostat: The EverSense Wi-Fi Thermostat features Proximity Control Technology, built-in wireless speakers and touchscreen dashboard. It adjusts to your current behavior based on how far or near, you are from your residence and arrive to your comfortable home. You can wirelessly stream music from your iPhone or Android smartphone directly to EverSense.

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Habitat Home Automation: Habitat makes home automation simple, secure, and easy to install. Habitat is a smart home automation platform that transforms existing devices into smart connected products. This home automation platform consists of Habitat Park, Habitat Protect, Habitat Learn and Habitat Hub.

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Kidokey: Kidokey plugs into the home router and creates a second Wi-Fi network for kids that empower them to explore the Internet safely and without distraction. It comes with 100s of thousands of sites already reviewed by Kidokey team and you can also easily control through a mobile app or a web dashboard.

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Electronic Dog Door: This electronic door automatically opens when a dog approaches. When the ultrasonic collar worn by your dog comes within 1' to 10' from the door, it automatically opens or closes. This air-tight door locks with a deadbolt ensuring a secure and weathertight barrier.

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Wink Relay - Smart Home Wall Controller: The Wink Relay - Smart Home Wall Controller features 4.3" multi-touch screen that allows you to access all your smart products via the Wink app. You can manage lights, locks, appliances, and more, all from a central location. Temperature, humidity, and proximitysensors provide data at your fingertips. The two smart switches can be customized to turn lights, scenes, or other smart products.

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Lumino Smartplug: Lumino uses your smartphone to transform your bedside lamp into a sunny and luminous alarmclock.

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QButton: QButton is a Bluetoothsensor that collects and analyzes data, and alerts you on your smartphone. You can stick it to your chair and it allows you to manage your rest plan. Place the QButton on your pillow and it reminds you when it's time to bed.

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Outlink Smart Remote Outlet: The Outlink Smart Remote Outlet comes with one standard outlet and one smart outlet that connects with the Wink App on your smartphone. Using your smartphone, you can turn its power on or off remotely, monitor the power usage, preset a budget and get notified if it's reached or exceeded.

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Norm Smart Thermostat: Norm allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature of your home remotely from your smartphone. You can create smart schedules as per your budget or can set it to pre-heat or pre- cool using geofencing of your smartphone. You can control it manually also, just tap once to turn the temperature down and twice to turn it up.

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