Dec 3, 2014

15 Coolest High Tech Clothing.

Collection of 'Coolest High Tech Clothing' from all over the world to make you high tech fashionable.

DrumPants: DrumPants are really cool; its like having an entire band in your pocket. These are said to be the world's first industrial quality wearable musical instrument. Its true you need to watch someone play it to believe it.

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Zip Jacket: The Zip Jacket, designed by Jennifer Darmour, has integrated controls that lets you control your iPod or phone in a stylish way with gestures we already use with our clothes. It comes with zipper-connected volume control and built-in headphones; pulling your zipper up or down adjusts the volume while the built-in earbuds retracts upon pulling the drawstring.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 2

Audio Jacket: All you need to do is pull out the 3.5mm audio jack out of the pocket and plug it into your gadget. Just press the "play" button on the jacket, to listen music or to receive a call. You can switch between headphones or speakers as you want. It's compatible with most of the devices - iPhone, iPod, Android, MP3 or any other gadget equipped with 3.5mm plug in.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 3

Temperature Color Changing Bodysuit: The Babyglow Temperature Color Changing Bodysuit lets you know immediately if your baby is exceeding his normal temperature. It looks pink or blue when temperature is normal but when it rises it becomes white.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 4
High Tech Shirt: The High Tech Shirt features a smartphone pocket for holding iPhone 6 plus, Galaxy S5, Note 4 (6 and 1/2 x 4 in, 165 x 101.6 mm) and hidden earbud holders.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 5
Keyboard Pants: Designed by Erik De Nijs, these cool jeans come with an integrated computer keyboard. The "Beauty and the Geek" pants combine the world of fashion with the world of technology. These come with built in speakers, a wireless computer mouse, and a keyboard.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 6
No-Contact Jacket: When activated by the wearer, the jacket conducts 80,000-volt low amperage electric current preventing any person from unauthorized contact with the wearer.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 7
Mountaineering Pants: These Mountaineering Pants are tailored for mountaineering; it features the 3-D-BionicSphere sweat management system that works along with your body's natural cooling mechanism and assists with temperature.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 8
Intelligent Leather Jacket: The Iilation Jacket said to be the world's first heated leather jacket comes with integrated Bluetooth, handsfree set (microphone and speakers) and smartphone recharger.

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USB Air Conditioned Shirt: The USB Air Conditioned Shirt from Japan comes with USB - fans that gives fresh air into the shirt. Stay cool during the summer with this shirt; just wear and plug it to the USB port on your computer or laptop or other devices.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 10
Electronic Drum Machine T-Shirt: Its a fully playable t-shirt based drum machine and looper that comes with 9 different drum kits with 7 professional grade drum sounds each.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 11
Weatherproof Jacket: This weatherproof jacket is armored, made from 100% polyester canvas with a PU-coating on the reverse and weighs 3 kilograms.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 12
Luminous Jacket: The L14 - LumiJacket is made of Fiber Optics fabric; it creates a beautiful luminous effect in dark.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 13
Electronic Guitar T-Shirt: It has an electric guitar built right into your shirt, comes with a mini-amp that clips to your belt and goes all the way to 11.

Coolest High Tech Clothing (15) 14
Dancepants: A brilliant and innovative concept that uses kinetic energy to generate the power for your MP3 player while running and dancing by Lithuanian designers I Malafej and A Sukarevicius.

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