Dec 9, 2014

15 Best and Useful Gadgets - Part 3.

Collection of 'Best and Useful Gadgets' from all over the world.

Tintag: This rechargeable tracker can be connected to multiple phones, that means you and your spouse can simultaneously locate your kid or dog. It works both ways, if you misplace your smartphone, Tintag can find it at the press of a button. It recharges wirelessly and 6 hours of recharging, makes Tintag ready for 4 months of use. It provides two ways to locate your items - with the beep of the buzzer or quietly with a light. Tintag stores data anonymously; fully protecting your privacy ensuring that personal information is safe and can never be linked to your identity. It features enhanced Bluetooth technology and it's Bluetooth antenna range goes up to 100 m in plain field. The Home Base recharger works as a hotspot and using network of hotspots, you can keep an eye on the family members even from afar. If someone enters your lost Tintag's unique id on, a notification is sent immediately to you, with the location of your item.

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Ravetouch: These HD quality headphones are NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 compatible; it features auto music and call switch. If you get a call while listening to music, it pauses the music during the call and again plays once the call has ended. You can control music, volume and more with touch gestures on the left headphone.

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OBDLink MX WiFi: The OBDLink MX WiFi allows your phone to talk to your car, in real time. Just plug it into the OBD-II port of your car and it turns your smartphone into a sophisticated scantool, tripcomputer, and real-time performance monitor. The functionality of this device is limited only by the imagination of the programmers who write the apps.

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Kittyo: Kittyo allows you to play with your cat while you're not home; its compatible with iOS and Android devices. It allows you to activate a sound to get your cat's attention, move the pointer around for your cat to play, speak to your cat, watch live video, and give treats too.

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Salt: Salt is keyless entry for your smartphone, when you are near your smartphone it unlocks, and automatically locks it when you leave. Salt will unlock your smartphone when the Salt card is within 10 feet of it and you don't have to enter your PIN or do anything aside from turning your screen on. Its said that one spends 52 hours annually on just entering their pin.

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Open-Me: Open-Me gives you garage door access from anywhere. It uses Wi-Fi, Sonar, and GPS technology and turns your existing garage door opener into a smart garage door. You can place it on your garage door and it connects to a home Wi-Fi network. You can open your garage door from anywhere using your smart devices. Its uses GPS on your smartphone to detect when you are nearing your home and automatically opens the garage for you and closes the same way. It uses sonar to detect if you forgot to shut your garage, and sends an alert to your smartphone. It supports iOS and Android devices.

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Arki: This wearable band analyzes your walking posture and coaches you to walk healthy and with confidence, provides your body balance and tracks your daily activities.

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Amphiro Smart Shower: Amphiro is the world's first smart meter for the shower that provides you with real-time data about current water and energy usage. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 and it's app gives you insight into your water and energy usage.

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Icloak: Icloak is portable online privacy tool that allows you to browse anonymously and securely on any Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

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RedEye mini: The RedEye mini turns any iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone using a small 3.5mm adapter into a universal remote.

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Supervision: Supervision is an electronic budget diary that charts money inflow and outflow, talks to your bank, and provides detailed monthly expense.

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Eton Rugged Rukus Solar Sound System: The Eton Rugged Rukus is an all-terrain, solar-powered, wireless sound system that streams your music from any Bluetooth enabled gadget. Apart from this you can recharge your smartphone while listening to the music.

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Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor: The Beddit is flat, and can be placed under the bed sheet; it measures sleep cycles and quality of it by measuring various other factors.

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Jaybird's Reign Fitness Tracker: This smart fitness tracker from Jaybird can differentiate when you are running, walking swimming or cycling. The details of these activities performed and calories used are uploaded to the app. And more interestingly it's capable of knowing when you slept and how well you slept without you putting it into sleep mode. Based on your activities, its capable of letting you know how much sleep you need.

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Tado - Intelligent AC Control: Tado Cooling turns your AC unit into a smart device. It connects your existing AC to you smartphone via home Wi-Fi, turns your AC when you are away and pre-cools before you arrive. It's compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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