Nov 28, 2014

15 Smart Headphones and Earphones - Part 6.

If you had enough of the regular headphones and are looking for something smart and innovative, we have for you a collection of 'Smart Headphones and Earphones' from all over the world to enjoy music in style and comfort.

Hooke: Hooke wireless 3D audio headphones allows you to listen to your favorite music, record, edit and trim 3D audio, connect it with your smartphone's video camera, upload it to your social network, and stream it live to friends. It records in 3D audio, sounds identically to the way our ears hear it. Each earbud contains a speaker and microphone that allows you to both listen to and record 3-d audio without ever having to switch headphones.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 1

Freewavz: These Smart Earphones provide superior comfort and sound; features a built-in fitness monitor.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 2

Senso Track: These wearable biometric earphones are an all-in-one gadget that senses, tracks and manages fitness, activity, health, music and more.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 3

Wearhaus Arc: These wireless headphones are designed with social music listening, precision tuned audio, touch controls and color customization. It gives you a way to express your individual taste, your own style and personality. It wirelessly syncs up with multiple headphones so you can listen together with your friends. It's app allows you to see what people around you are listening to, join them in real time, or broadcast your own playlist.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 4

Dash: The Dash consists of wireless stereo earphones that playback music through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. It works as a fitness tracker and more.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 5

Headphonedivine: These are the world's first high-end DSP wireless headphones with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 6

Headbones: The Headbones uses your head to amplify sound, while its 3.5mm jack works as a Bluetooth receiver to other headphones. It's perfect for running, cycling, walking and more.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 7

Vrb Headphones: These Bluetooth headphones feature enhanced sound quality, multi-functional connectivity with an extended wireless range up to 150 feet. It provides real life listening experience with ultra-clear audio and features a built-in directional mic.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 8
Alpatronix Active In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: The Alpatronix Active In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones allows you to connect it wirelessly upto 30 feet with any Bluetooth compatible device and for answering phone calls while you're on the go.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 9
hi-Edo Bluetooth Headphones: The hi-Edo Bluetooth Headphones connects with any Bluetooth device and allows you to control your music tracks and phone calls by using the buttons on the right earphone.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 10
Level Over Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: The Samsung Level Over wireless over-ear headphones provides wired and wireless connectivity. This stylish headphones feature Smart Touch, S-Voice and smart commands for phone connectivity; its NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 compatible.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 11
Ravetouch: These HD quality headphones are NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 compatible; it features auto music and call switch. If you get a call while listening to music, it pauses the music during the call and again plays once the call has ended. You can control music, volume and more with touch gestures on the left headphone.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 12
Dreamphones: These wireless headphones are said to be softest headphones in the world, making them perfect and comfortable for traveling, jogging or to sleep on it.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 13
Leather Headphones: These 36" braided leather wrapped headphones provides clear stereo sound, features gold tipped audio pins and high quality drivers.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 14
CordCruncher Headphones: The CordCruncher Headphone features elastic sleeve that allows you to customize the length of the cord anywhere from 16 inches to 3.5 feet.

Smart Headphones and Earphones (15) 15
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