Nov 25, 2014

15 Smart and Innovative Trackers.

Its quite often that we misplace our keys, wallet and other day to day items in obvious places and spend quite sometime searching for them. To make things easy, to keep a track of your gadgets, keys, wallet, kids, dog or much more, we have a collection of 'Smart and Innovative Trackers' from all over the world to make things easy for you.

TrackR: TrackR is an elegant item tracking device that's backed by the world's largest Crowd GPS network. The TrackR app on your iPhone and Android devices allows you to quickly locate items around the home using the distance indicator radar or tap the "Ring Device" button to make the ring. It works both ways, if you misplace your smartphone just press the button on your device and it will make your smartphone to ring even on silent mode. If your lost item comes within 100ft range of another TrackR app then you will receive a GPS update of where your item is.

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StickNFind: This tiny gadget measures only 0.16 inches (4.1mm) thin, can be easily stuck on to many items and is compatible with most of the smartphones. Install the app on your smartphone and the radar screen gives an approximate distance of the StickNFind from your device, but not the exact direction. The StickNFind Stickers have a buzzer and light and can be used to find your tagged items in the dark.

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StoneTether: This compact Bluetooth tracker is capable of tracking items to a range of 500 feet. Just attach this device to your gadget or anything that you want to track, and if you misplace it, then use the StoneTether app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android devices), it will show you the location of the item and how far it's from you. Just attach the StoneTether to your kid and set the tether distance up to 500 feet; if they go beyond the set distance you get a notification immediately on your smartphone. You can either locate them or extend the tether further. You can tag your luggage, notebook or any other necessities to an event on your calendar and you will get a reminder if you move or miss anything. If your lost item (marked as lost) comes within range of another StoneTether then you will receive a GPS update of where your item is.

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Misfit Shine: This wireless activity tracker can be worn as a bracelet, a pendant, or placed in your pocket. Its tiny, waterproof and syncs with your smartphone just by placing it on your phone screen.

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Goccia: G-Wearable's Goccia is the world's smallest tracker and weighs just a little more than a penny. It uses ledlight syncing technology to synchronize data with the app on your smartphone. It's capable of monitoring your daily steps and calories used; its algorithm can adjust to many different activities, such as hiking, biking, swimming and more.

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DeLorme inReach: The DeLorme inReach two-way satellite communicator allows you to send interactive SOS, follow me/find me tracking and location, and two-way text messaging from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. The device costs you about $300 and $10 per month to stay linked up.

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GateKeeper: GateKeeper features auto-lock ability that allows sign in and out of computer just by walking away and returning. It duals as a Bluetooth location tracker along with Android and iOS apps so that you don't waste time looking for the items that always gets misplaced. It allows you to track down the items or set an alert for when items are out of range.

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Trax: This little device measures 55x38x10 mm, is simple to use, comes with smart clip and collar holder that makes it easy to attach. This device can listen to 4-7 satellites, send it's location, speed and direction through the GSM network directly to your Smartphone. Trax comes with a prepaid SIM card that works in over 30 countries. The Trax Augmented Reality view allows you to use your smartphone's built-in camera to locate and show the distance to your trackers. They appear in the image when the phone is pointed in their direction. You can create unlimited Geo-fences with scheduling, speed limit alert and more.

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Gamegolf Digital Tracking System: This wearable technology automatically records every golfclub used, swing made and yard covered in each round, it calculates the key statistics for each play such as scoring, number of putts, greens in regulation, driving accuracy, etc. It enables you to review your play, share your info, compare and compete with others. The device features GPS, NFC, compass, accelerometer, and a gyrometer and uses low power wireless or USB to upload the data.

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Tintag: This recharable tracker can be connected to multiple phones that means you and your spouse can simultaneously locate your kid or dog. It works both ways, if you misplace your smartphone, Tintag can find it at the press of a button. It recharges wirelessly and 6 hours of recharging, makes Tintag ready for 4 months of use. It provides two ways to locate your items - with the beep of the buzzer or quietly with the flash of a light. Tintag stores data anonymously; fully protecting your privacy ensuring that personal information is safe and can never be linked to your identity. It features enhanced Bluetooth technology and it's Bluetooth antenna range goes up to 100 m in plain field. The Home Base recharger works as a hotspot and using network of hotspots, you can keep an eye on the family members even from afar. If someone enters your lost Tintag's unique id on, a notification is sent immediately to you, with the location of your item.

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Swisskey: Swisskey is a key organizer and multi-tool that syncs to your smartphone (iPhone and Android devices). In virtual leash alert mode if you move out of a pre-set range, you get a notification immediately on your smartphone. And in "Find It" mode you can either walk in a specific direction until the tracker appears on your smartphone screen, or depending on the situation, the tracker will eventually come in range, and your smartphone will then alert you.

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GPaws GPS Tracker: This miniature GPS tracker can be easily clipped on to your dog's collar and it records the location every 5 seconds for up to 8 hours. Later, all you need do is just plug it into your notebook via USB to know the results. You can even view and share your dog's activities using Google Maps.

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Trace: Trace is an advanced tracker for action sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

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Bikecop: This GPS-powered security device alerts you the moment your bike moves unexpectedly and begins tracking. The app allows you to file a report at a touch of a button, alert your social networks, and more.

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I'm Here GPS Tracker: The I'm Here GPS Tracker is the smallest and the most accurate GPS Tracker of its kind on earth. It works through a smartphone app and the company's very own cloudsystem to keep track at regular intervals.

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