Nov 6, 2014

12 Best and Useful Solar Cookers.

Collection of 'Best and Useful Solar Cookers' from all over the world for outdoor and camping cooking.

Gosun Stove Solar Cooker: This awesome solar cooker cooks food in 20 minutes with temperatures reaching 550°F (290°C). It can be arranged in seconds, weighs less than 4lbs, it can be used for baking, boiling and frying.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 1
Reborn by X Zhichao: Reborn is a multi functional device; it transforms and becomes a water collection and purification device, a solar energy stove, a dish antenna, a search light, and food heating equipment.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 2
Foldable Solar Cooker: This solar cooker is foldable and lightweight; its perfect for those who want to pack light.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 3
Solar Ibex Cooker: The Solar Ibex Cooker uses solar energy to cook your food. Its able to heat food up to 300 degrees Celsius, features an adjustable timer and an auto tracking sunray concentrator.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 4
Trotter Cooker: This solar cooker is light and ultra-portable, assembles in 2 minutes and folds up into a bag. Allow 15-20 minutes' pre-heating time and it reheats your recipes and cooks simple ingredients. It's temperatures can reach up to 120°C and it can cook for 2-3 people.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 5
Sunjuicer: This parabolic solar cooker assembly kit is compact, lightweight, easy to assembly, cooks for one to two people at a time and can be used with variety of cookware.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 6
Smart Solar Cooker: How about cooking your food outdoors with a solar cooker on an overcast day! Not possible? Smart Solar Cooker designed by Anil Dincer and Murat Ozveri for DesignQuadro can cook on such a day. It features solar energy and induction heating, the top cover of the cooker features highly efficient solar panels that generates electricity that is used to power induction coils. It features a touchscreen interface that allows you to set the cooking time.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 7
Sunflower Solar Cooker: To use this solar cooker, just pull out the reflectors from the base of the insulate globe box, then open those with one petal clockwise. You can also control the angle of the reflectors to change the focal point and the temperature inside the glass ball.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 8
Solar Cooker by Cheng-Tsung Feng: This compact Solar Cooker kit can be assembled easily by anyone in a few seconds.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 9
Hotpot Simple Solar Cooker: The Hotpot Simple Solar Cooker is a low-cost, high-performance solar oven. It can reach cooking temperatures within an hour and be used for up to six hours. The temperatures can reach up to 400 degrees. It has a 5.3-quart enameled steel cookware; the aluminum reflector can be folded for easy storage.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 10
Parabolic Solar Cooker: The SolSource Parabolic Solar Cooker takes about 10 minutes for boiling 1 liter of water, it reaches grilling and baking temperatures in 5 minutes and searing temperatures (up to 750ºF) within 10 minutes.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 11
Balloon Solar Cooker: The inflatable Balloon Solar Cooker is designed for portability and easy transportation.

Best and Useful Solar Cookers (12) 12
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