Oct 25, 2014

15 Smart Gadgets For Women - Part 3.

Collection of 'Smart Gadgets For Women' from all over the world.

Pepper Spray Phone Case: The Spraytect smartphone case comes with a removable pepper spray cartridge.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 1
Orbital Ring Bluetooth Headset: The Orbital Ring Bluetooth Headset is an innovative Bluetooth headset that transforms into a ring. The device can be used up to 30 feet away from your phone; it comes with a scrolling display and features voice-to-text. The recharging base acts as an amplified speaker, and it comes in four sizes, from small to extra-large.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 2
No-Contact Jacket: When activated by the wearer, the jacket conducts 80,000-volt low amperage electric current preventing any person from unauthorized contact with the wearer.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 3
nPower Personal Energy Generator: This small device uses the kinetic energy of your walking and turns it into electricity. It can recharge most of the smartphones, MP3 players, handheld devices, GPS, digital cameras, and more.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 4
Keyboard Pants: Designed by Erik De Nijs, these cool jeans come with an integrated computer keyboard. The "Beauty and the Geek" pants combines the world of fashion with the world of technology. These come with built in speakers, a wireless computer mouse, and keyboard.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 5
Embrace Bluetooth Bracelet: The Embrace Bluetooth Bracelet lights up when you get a text, email, or call.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 6
Solar Dress: Designed by Despina Papadopoulo, the Day-For-Night dress is tailored with solarcells to juice-up your gadgets.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 7
InSound Clothing: The InSound clothing features integrated and washable headphones within the interior of the lining.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 8
UP: UP by Jawbone tracks how you sleep, move and eat that allows you to know yourself better and make smarter choices. It's compatible with the Amazon phone, Android 4.0 or later and iOS 6.0 or later.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 9
Powerbot PB1080 Qi Enabled Wireless Recharger: It features a built-in 8000mAh rechargeable portable power pack that allows wireless recharging on the go.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 10
BabySays: BabySays is said to decipher the baby's crying and gives you an idea of what might be the issue. A transmitter is placed in a baby pillow to receive the baby's signal and analyzes the pattern. This in turn sends a message to the receiver - bracelet.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 11
Thermohawk 400 Touchless Temperature Meter: This Touchless temperature meter allows you to instantly take the surface temperatures in seconds.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 12
Kingston Wi-Drive: It features 32GB of internal storage; connects to smartphones via your Wi-Fi network.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 13
Fliptype iPhone Case: This translucent iPhone case comes with a tactile keyboard that can be placed over the virtual keyboard of the smartphone.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 14
USB Sunglasses: These Calvin Klein sunglasses come with 4GB USB drive built-in.

Smart Gadgets For Women (15) 15
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