Oct 6, 2014

12 Coolest Smartphone Bike Gadgets.

Collection of 'Coolest Smartphone Bike Gadgets' from all over the world for your bicycle.

GPS-Enabled Bike Bell: The bell connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth Low Energy and when you move it away from the parked bike, the Bluetooth connection to your bike is broken and it automatically drops a pin on the map. Using the GPS you can locate your bike and remotely makes it ring to locate it easily.

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Schwinn CycleNav Bike Navigation: The Schwinn CycleNav is a smartphone powered bike navigation that's compatible with both iOS and Android (4.1 or later) and provides you with turn-by-turn spoken and visual directions.

Coolest Smartphone Bike Gadgets (12) 2
BitLock: This smartphone controlled bike lock turns your smartphone into your bike key. It records your bike location using GPS whenever you lock or unlock your bicycle, it maps your ride and calories used.

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Bikespike: This bike GPS tracker allows you to monitor your bike's location on a map using your iOS and Android smart phone or notebook. You can digitally "lock" your bike and receive a notification in event of someone moving it from the geofenced location. It allows you to share your data (distance, speed, and courses...) with friends, family and coaches.

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Flykly: The "Flykly Smart Wheel" turns your bike into a motorized bicycle, connects to your smartphone and allows you to locate your bike, remotely lock the motor and alerts you when your bike is moved.

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Lock8: Lock8 is the world's first smart bike lock that can be used with a smart phone. Apart from this keyless lock, it has a GPS tracker that keeps your bicycle secured and allows you to track it on your smart phone.

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Hammerhead Navigation System: Hammerhead is a bicycle navigation system that attaches onto the front of your bike and wirelessly connects to the included app on your smartphone to guide you to your destination using cues and signals similar to those used by pilots and racecar drivers.

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Bicycle Speakerphone: It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and enables you to take calls while you are riding. It attaches to the bike's handlebar, while its case zips open to display a protective insert that holds a smartphone, keys and an ID.

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SleekSpeak: Place this speaker anywhere on your bike and it streams music wirelessly from your smartphone or MP3 player.

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Wi-Fi Bicycle Lock: This bicycle lock concept comes with an Eye-Fi card, that sends an alert to your smartphone wirelessly if anyone else tries to unlock it.

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Shyspy GPS/GSM Tracker For Bicycles: Shyspy is a bicycle GPS Tracker; the unit uses a combination of a mobile Sim card along with a GPS module to accurately track the location of your bike and displays this data on your notebook or smartphone. It enables you to keep a record of your cycling activity and also lets you locate your bike.

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Social Bicycles: The Social Bicycles features a built-in GPS that uses AT&T's wireless network that keeps your bike secure. And it allows you to rent bicycles using a smartphone app and once you reach your destination and want to return the bike you can locate Social Bicycles racks using the app and return the bike there.

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