Oct 3, 2014

15 Coolest and Smart Wallets - Part 3.

Collection of 'Coolest and Smart Wallets' from all over the world to hold your cards and cash in style.

Billetus: This carbon fiber billet wallet is thinner than an iPhone 4S (not empty, full with cash and cards), comes with enclosed money clip and RFID blocking.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 1
Slim Wallet: The Supr Slim Wallet features a durable elastic construction, is only 3mm thin and holds cards and cash with ease.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 2
Consoliwallet: The Consoliwallet takes its inspiration from old school money clip and is made of two lightweight aluminum panels that are secured by a 1/8" inch polyester cord.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 3
Omega Titanium Wallet: This minimalist wallet holds your cash and cards in simplicity and doubles as a bottle opener.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 4
Flipside 2X Wallet: The Flipeside 2X features an RFID blocking shield, tough construction and opens up to the full extent that allows you to access your cards and cash quickly and with ease.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 5
Bottle-Opener Wallet: This is a minimalist wallet that balances form and function handsomely.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 6
Dash 2.0 Wallet: This minimalist wallet features a thin leather design that's stylish yet functional. It also features three separate spaces for your ID, cards, and cash.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 7
Bottle Opener Wallet: This minimalist designed wallet cleverly features a built-in bottle opener.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 8
Slim Wallet: This stainless steel front pocket wallet is best suited for travel light for the night, weekend, or in life.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 9
Moneywrap: The Moneywrap by Daycraft has no zips or pockets yet it holds your cash and credit cards in style.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 10
Sapling Wallet: This minimalist wallet features 2 pieces of wood held together with an elastic strap.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 11
Trofeo Wallet: This minimal design cardholder is made from Lamborghini seat material, features elastic band that allows stretching to store more cards.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 12
Minimo Wallet: This functional and stylish wallet blocks RFID, its middle plate divides your cards and comes in thousands of color combinations.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 13
FITT Wallet: FITT is a credit-card sized wallet made out of elastic material, keeps your cards secure and wont allow them to fallout and allow easy and quick access to your cards and cash.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 14
Shamrock Wallet: This minimalist and slim leather wallet holds your cards, cash and coins neatly organized and comes with RFID blocking.

Coolest and Smart Wallets (15) 15
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