Oct 8, 2014

15 Awesome Portable Recharging Cables.

Having a recharging cable along with you has become a natural part of your everyday life. And size is important; these 'Awesome Portable Recharging Cables' are really small, portable and won't take much space in your pocket or bag.

Popcord: This cool recharging cable turns into a keyring when not in use; it weighs approximately 12 grams, measures 4 inches when extended, and 2.5 inches when closed.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 1
Culcharge: The Culcharge recharging cable measures 6 cm long, its so small that it can be kept in your wallet, in your bag, in your pocket or wherever you want. This ultrathin recharge cable for iPhone and Android allows you to recharge your smartphone where ever you go.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 2
Kii Keychain iPhone Recharger: This keychain attachment recharges your iPhone anywhere you want with out the need of recharging cable.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 3
Revi Recharger: This Revi recharger is a portable power source for your smartphone and also works as a recharging cable. Its size of a credit card and can be placed in your wallet.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 4
AViiQ Ready Clips: These mini cables measure 5.5 inches, and can be clipped onto your bag or pocket for easy transport. It comes in a variety of connectors including: Apple 30-pin dock, mini USB and micro USB.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 5
Recharge and Go: This keychain sized USB recharge comes with mini and micro USB and iOS plugs.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 6
Trunk Recharging Cable: You can bend Trunk vertical, or bend it the other way, or straighten it out and put it in a pocket when you're on the move. It works with iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows phones.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 7
Chargekey: Chargekey is a portable USB recharging cable for iPhone and Android, it's the size of a house-key and can be placed on your keychain and taken along anywhere you go.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 8
Treble Keychain: The keychain combines Data Sync, Sim Ejector and SD Card Reader. Apart from these it supports recharging and synchronization to all portable devices using an apple 30-pin port or a microUSB ports.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 9
Nomadcable: This 3" USB recharging cable for iPhone 5 and iPad mini can comfortably be placed on your keyring and is always there when you need it.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 10
Carabiner Recharging Cable: The Nomadclip is available in both versions for iPhone and Android. This recharging cable stays where you last clipped it.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 11
Twig: This ultra-portable cable for your iPhone features a bendable wire that allows it to be used as a tripod for your smartphone.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 1
Chargedrive: Chargedrive is a recharging cable, USB drive, and tripod all in one.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 13
Credit Card Sized USB Cable: Chargecard is the world's thinnest USB cable and can be comfortably placed in a wallet or purse. With Chargecard you can recharge anywhere there's a USB.

Awesome Portable Recharging Cables (15) 14
iPhone Case by Caselnity: iPhone case holds your USB cable inside the case, it allows you to recharge anywhere and connect everywhere.

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