Sep 13, 2014

15 Cool and Clever Personal Gadgets - Part 4.

Collection of 'Cool and Clever Personal Gadgets' from all over the world.

AirTamer: The AirTamer is a tiny personal air purifier that uses silent, state-of-the-art, electrostatic process to create a 3-foot zone of cleaner, healthier air to breathe.

Innovative Air Purifiers and Creative Air Filter Designs (15) 10
Lumo Lift: This activity tracker allows you to improve your posture and alerts whenever you start to slouch.

Coolest and Awesome Fitness Gadgets (15) 1
Orbital Ring Bluetooth Headset: The Orbital Ring Bluetooth Headset is an innovative Bluetooth headset that transforms into a ring. The device can be used up to 30 feet away from your phone; it comes with a scrolling display and features voice-to-text. The recharging base acts as an amplified speaker, and it comes in four sizes, from small to extra-large.

Best and Useful Gadgets for Tech Savvy (15) 16
Q-Link Mini: Q-Link Mini is a small and lightweight button, that lets your body tune out the electromagnetic frequencies coming from your devices.

Awesome and Innovative Pendant Gadgets (12) 3
Pocket Robotic Printer: This pocket-size mobile robotic printer connects directly to smartphones and to notebooks, prints grayscale documents at about 1.2 page per minute, has enough black ink for 1,000 printed pages and lasts up to an hour per recharge.

Awesome and Coolest Pocket Gadgets (15) 1
Kingston Wi-Drive: It features 32GB of internal storage; connects to smartphones via your own WiFi network.

Cool and Functional Wi-Fi Gadgets (12) 12
Multi-Function Keyfob: It allows you to track things, find things and alerts when someone opens your suitcase, computer bag or door in moving mode. And also it features laundry alert mode.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 4
Belkin Wireless Dual Band Travel Router: With this Belkin wireless dual band travel router, you can create a personal hotel hotspot for laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets, so you don't need to rely on slow bandwidth.

Awesome Travel Gadgets and Best Travel Product Designs (15) 8
Open Sight: Open Sight is a GPS navigational device for bicycles that projects powerful directional light arrows, these are visible even during the day.

Awesome and Coolest Gadgets for Tech Savvy (15) 15
Auto Heater/Defroster: This 12 Volt plug-in is something you cant miss to have in your car on cold winter days; the Peak 12 Volt Heater/Defroster/Fan can quickly defrost windows and heats your vehicle on a cold day.

Innovative and Creative Car Gadgets (15) 4
Lighting iPhone 5 Case: This Van.D Premium Lighting Case for your iPhone 5 glows when you receive or text message.

Coolest Light-Up Gadgets and Products (15) 5
Climaware: Its designed to regulate your body temperature and can flip from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius at the push of a button.

Awesome and Cool Summer Gadgets (15) 10
Cect Mobile Watch: It features a semi-decently large screen, six hardware buttons, GSM support, Bluetooth, MP3, MP4, FM radio and a headset jack.

Smart and Innovative Gadget Watches (15) 10
Ring Light: The Ring Light gives you studio-quality lighting, comes with three brightness settings and attaches to your hotshoe and works in sync with your shutter.

Coolest Gadgets for Photographers (15) 8
Secret Dual Cameras Sunglasses: These sunglasses features hidden camera on the sides of the glasses that allows you to film what is in your side vision. The sunglasses are capable of transmitting to the receiver unit up to 15 meters and the receiver unit features 2GB of storage and also a 2.4 inch screen for viewing.

Innovative and Smart Sunglasses Gadgets (15) 11
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