Aug 5, 2014

15 Awesome and Coolest Coolers.

Crookedbrains presents to you a collection of 'Awesome and Coolest Coolers' from all over the world to keep you drinks chill in style.

Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler: The Icybreeze cooler doubles as a portable air conditioner; air comes out through the vents or the flexible hose at speeds of up to 25 mph and temperatures 35° F cooler than that outside.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 2
Chiller Beanbag: Its designed for people who like to party; measures 50 cm in diameter, and has 4 spots for bottles and one large spot.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 3
Radio Cooler: This cool cooler features two 6.5" and two 6x9" premium marine speakers, and is compatible with iPod/iPhone/MP3 Player.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 4
Table Cooler: It serves the dual purpose of cooler and patio table; keeps the drinks cool and always within reach.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 5
3-in-1 Cooler Dining Table: Its a patio table, side table and has a hidden cooler in the middle.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 1
Backpack Cooler Chair: This 13 lbs chair, folds to a mere 10" wide, and comes with two shoulder straps for moving to a tailgate or the beach. The cooler bag attaches to the left armrest and keeps drinks and food cool for several hours.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 6
Elite Marine Cooler: These Pelican coolers have 7- 10-day retention properties.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 7
Bonfi: Bonfi works as a cooler, table, storage container, and seat all in one compact unit.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 8
Floating Cooler: This cooler is styled like a little boat and can hold up to 40 cans.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 9
Inflatable Cooler: This Kelsyus Floating Cooler keeps your drinks cool and within reach so you don't have to leave the water.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 10
Cooler Picnic Backpack: This cooler picnic backpack features compact thermal shield insulation and includes acrylic glasses, napkins, corkscrew, bottle stopper, cheese knife, and hardwood cutting board.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 11
Thermodynamic Cooler: This innovative cooling system requires no electricity and preserves food and fruit by the cooling effect of evaporating water.

Awesome and Coolest Coolers (15) 12
USB Beverage Cooler: Don't want to leave your desk for a cool beverage can as it disturbs your work? Then how about this cool retro styled USB beverage cooler, it comes with a blue light inside and keeps your beverage cool in a stylish way.

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Boombox Music Cooler: Its fully insulated, waterproof and it can hold up to 12 bottles or 18 cans of favorite drink; can be connected to any smartphone, iPod, or mp3 player.

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R2-D2 Can Cooler:

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