Jul 9, 2014

15 Best Bike Gadgets - Part 6.

Collection of 'Best Bike Gadgets' for you from all over the world to make your ride more enjoyable.

Patchnride: What makes this small handheld tool useful to you is the fact that it can repair punctured bike tires in 60 seconds and what more you don't even need to remove the tire from the bike.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 1

Fly6: This HD Camera and Taillight combo records what happens behind you so you can enjoy the ride ahead.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 2

Hammerhead Navigation System: Hammerhead is a bicycle navigation system that attaches onto the front of your bike and wirelessly connects to the included app on your smartphone to guide you to your destination using cues and signals similar to those used by pilots and racecar drivers.

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Rearview Camera: The Rearview Camera attaches to a bicycle's seat post while the color monitor attaches to the handlebar giving you rear-facing 75ยบ field of view. On a two-hours of recharge, you get about 10 hours of working and its weatherproof.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 4
VelEau Bicycle Hydration System: The device attaches to the rear of the seat and holds 42 ounces of water; a tube system with a tethered valve held securely to the handlebars with magnets makes the water accessible to rider.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 5
Recharger Kit: This dynamo-powered smartphone recharger kit from Nokia includes a recharger, dynamo and phone holder. Once the bike reaches 6 kmh it starts working, and once at 50 kmh it stops; at 12 kmh it matches the efficiency of a normal recharger.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 6
See Sense: This smart bike light detects various problematic biking scenarios and responds by increasing its brightness and flashrate to make you more visible to others.

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Chalktrail: Just attach Chalktrail to your bike and draw colorful lines while you ride.

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Bicycle Speakerphone: It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and enables you to take calls while you are riding. It attaches to the bike's handlebar, while its case zips open to display a protective insert that holds a smartphone, keys and an ID.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 9
Double O Bike Lights: The Double O. Bike lights attaches to your bike magnetically and recharges with USB.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 10

Wrist-worn Mirror: The Rearviz wrist-worn mirror features a convex mirror for a wider angle of view, and allows you to see what's behind you.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 11
Bookman Cup Holder: It uses a clever spring steel construction to easily attach to the handlebar. It can be flipped and used with either the smaller ring or the larger ring depending on cup size.

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Monkey Light Bike Wheel Light: With these cool Monkey Lights now your can turn your boring bike tires into a cool light show.

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Night Biking Gloves: These Night Biking Gloves features conductive fibers knit into the fingertip and palm areas, and making a fist closes a circuit and lights up the light arrows on the back of the hands.

Best Bike Gadgets (15) 14
Bike Light by Fraser Mort: The Bike light is milled out from one solid piece of aluminum and encloses the 8x8 light dot matrix setup. It connects to your bike's dynamo using a USB socket in the back of the light. You can personalize it with graphics, animations or phrases to use as the rear light.

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