Apr 14, 2014

15 Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets - Part 5.

Collection of 'Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets' for your favorite smartphone from all over the world.

LifePrint: LifePrint is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth photo printer for your smartphone; it can print around 30 photos on one recharge. You can instantly send photo to any LifePrint printer in the world; all you need to do is take a photo with your smartphone, open the LifePrint App, and print.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 1
iPhone Pocket Projector: This iPhone Pocket Projector is compact enough to be placed in your pocket; it projects from as close as 8-in. and from as far as 10-ft, projecting an image up to 85" diagonal and it works for over 1.5 hours on a single recharge.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 2
OFF Pocket: OFF Pocket is a smartphone pouch that provides shielding from cellular signals, WiFi, and GPS. It's designed to keep your smartphone untrackable, unhackable and undistractable. It works with any phone, any carrier, and in any country.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 3
Swivl: The Swivl is like a dedicated film crew for your iPhone; its fully automated and uses technology, with +10º/-20º vertical and full 360º horizontal-rotation. It works using a 'Marker'; clip it onto clothing or hold in your hands, this allows the Swivl base unit to home in on your exact position and when you move, Swivl moves with you.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 4
GoPano Micro: The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 5S, 5 or 4S, 4; it uses a specially curved mirror that gathers light from all directions and funnels it into the iPhone's camera which enables you to create 360° panoramic videos.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 5
MirrorCase for iPhone 5/5s: Now you can take landscape or portrait images using an all new adjustable mirror with this case and app combo.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 6
Big Screen for iPhone 5: The Big Screen concept uses a thin Fresnel lens at the front to magnify and enhance the video capabilities of the iPhone.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 7
iPhone Qwerty Keyboard: This Qwerty keyboard docks in the smartphone, it guards the edges of the phone and auto disables the virtual keyboard. Makes typing fast and accurately with your iPhone easy.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 8
Fliptype iPhone Case: This translucent iPhone case comes with a tactile keyboard that can be placed over the virtual keyboard of the smartphone.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 9
SenseCover iPhone Case: This iPhone Case by Moshi allows you to answer a call without having to open its cover.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 10
CB Radio iPhone Handset: It looks just like an old school CB Radio handset; plug into the headphone jack of your iPhone and you are ready for a conversation. Its mute button makes the experience all the more like a real one-way CB dialog.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 11
Shuttr: This wireless camera remote for smartphones allows you to take selfies without holding your camera. It's compatible with all IOS 5.0+ devices and has a range up to 30 feet from your device.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 12
Binocular Adapter For iPhone 5: This adapter lets you connect most standard-sized binoculars to your iPhone. You can take photos and record videos through the eyes of your binoculars using your iPhone's camera.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 13
FM Radio for iPhone: This FM Radio for iPhone is 8 pin connector compatible, it plugs directly into your smartphone and is powered from your phone.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 14
Belkin Dyle Wireless Mobile TV Receiver: The Dyle Mobile TV Receiver transforms your iPhone into a portable TV. It connects directly to your Apple devices 30-pin dock port and works without Wi-Fi or data connection.

Useful and Best iPhone Gadgets (15) 15
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