Apr 2, 2014

15 Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You - Part 4.

Collection of 'Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You' from all over the world.

Aqueduck Faucet Extender: You don't need to lift the little one's to reach the flowing faucet once you attach the Aquaduck extension.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 1
Touchscreen Mirror: The Stocco Maitre touch screen mirror has a console in the lower-right corner, which allows easy programming and working of radio and an MP3 player.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 2Flo: Flo is a water deflector and bubble bath holder; it can be placed over the faucet and it creates a waterfall effect.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 3
Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor: This BC-1500 Ironman radio wireless body composition monitor communicates using ANT+ radio wireless technology; and using a Wi-Fi network adapter, it can also be used with an iPhone/iPad/iPod. It gives readings for trunk, right hand, left hand, right leg and left leg and also it provides in-depth information about your body.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 4Mirror Clearer: You don't need to use your hands or towel to clean the fogged up mirror after your shower; just attach this mirror clearer on your mirror and use it as a windshield wiper.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 5
Towel Warmer by Brookstone: This compact and portable towel warmer can warm a standard bath towel in just 10 minutes and it comes with auto shut-off feature.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 6
iPad Musical Shower Curtain: This musical shower curtain features built-in speakers, a waterproof pocket and an audio cable that connects to an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or MP3 player.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 7
Twist and Brush Toothbrush: This toothbrush incorporates a toothpaste deposit; before you brush your teeth, just twist the grip to push up the toothpaste onto your toothbrush.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 8
Mirror 2.0: The Mirror 2.0 uses voice command, face and gesture recognition technology; two displays are placed behind a one-way mirror with a camera. It plays your music or movies, displaying your e-book or streaming the news. Apart from these it even communicates reminders or gives you updates on the weather and more.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 9
Sound Splash: This wireless waterproof speaker can be placed over the showerhead and it will stream music from any Bluetooth music player. This rechargeable speaker comes with built-in microphone that allows you to answer the call while your smartphone stays safe and dry.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 10
Dyson Airblade Tap: The Dyson Airblade Tap features a built-in hand dryer; it can dry hands in about 12 seconds.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 11
Water Powered Shower Radio: Just connect it directly to your shower hose; it uses the flow of water to spin the turbine to produce electricity and lets you enjoy music when you're in the bath.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 12
Koolhaus Tap: The Koolhaus tap measures the volume of water used by each of the bathroom fixtures every day and displays the data on the screen of the tap.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 13
Water Powered Shower Light: Ecolight designed by Sylvania is a water powered light showerhead. The light glows blue indicating the water is less than 78 degrees Fahrenheit and red indicates its over 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 14
Bullseye Bags and Smart Hooks: Just place your smartphone into the waterproof plastic case, close the Ziploc-style seal and place it anywhere you like.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets For You (15) 15
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