Mar 13, 2014

15 Stylish Office Supplies - Part 8.

Collection of 'Stylish Office Supplies' for your office from all over the world.

Casamista Portable Humidifier: Designed by Alan Wisniewski for Umbra, this house shaped portable humidifier works with any water bottle or glass. It comes with a purifying filter and can be powered by a USB cable connected to your notebook.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 1
USB Cup Warmer: Simply plug this gadget into your USB port and place your cup onto the plate and your cup stays warm for an extra 30 minutes.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 2
Circle Printer: The Circle Printer is a space saving design that wont take too much space.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 3
Levitron Globe World Stage: Decorate your desk in style with the Levitron World Stage; it features a 3" globe that levitates using an electromagnetic base and rotates.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 4
Imageformula P-208: When P-208 is combined with an optional WU10 wireless adapter, it not only works wirelessly in Windows and Mac, but also with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices using a Mobile app.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 5
USB Heating Blanket: Just plug this USB Heating Blanket in the USB port, it will keep you warm.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 6
Solar Vox Ultra Solar Recharger: Designed by E Botzen of Botzen Design, the Solar Vox Ultra is designed like a flower, with a solar panel in the center, and petal-like panels surrounding it.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 7
Air-Conditioned Seat Cushion: The cooling cushion is the latest personal air conditioning from Japan's Kuchofuku.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 8
UBoard Smart: It's a multi-functional organizational tool made of tempered glass table that sits over the keyboard of your computer. It features 3 USB ports, a cup holder and an iPhone/smartphone holder. You can organize your notebook, pen, calculator, etc.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 9Stylish Office Supplies (15) 10Pen Printer: The Pen Printer designed by Tae-jin Kim and Su-in Kim uses the ink from discarded pens to print on paper.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 11
Levitatr: It's an aluminum Bluetooth keyboard that measures only 9.8mm thick, features keys that elevate for iPads, iPhones, iPods and other devices.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 12
Wi-Fi Powerstrip: "iRemoTap," contains a microcomputer and a wireless LAN module, comes from Japanese embedded-systems developer Ubiquitous. The powerstrip comes with a built-in Wi-Fi network, four sockets and the power usage information of each outlet is regularly sent to a cloudserver.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 13
Scooter Desk: It comes from Utilia Design, and is best suited as a mobile touchdown station.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 14
Vita Air Purifier: The concept design by Fulden Dehneli features a tall vase like unit. There are three rechargeable individual Vita sticks that can be removed and moved to different corners of the home. The Vita Air Purifier can be controlled using a smartphone app.

Stylish Office Supplies (15) 15
Plugbug: This clever 2.1-Amp USB wall recharger piggybacks onto your MacBook Power Adapter and creates a dual recharger for MacBook and iPad or iPhone. This recharges your MacBook and iPad or iPhone at the same time using one wall outlet.

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