Mar 15, 2014

11 Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs - Part 2.

Collection of 'Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs' from all over the world.

Tagg Pet Tracker: Tagg Pet Tracker features a built-in GPS that alerts you when you leave a predetermined zone plus it can also be used to find out your pet's activity level using easy to understand charts.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 1
StickNFind: This tiny gadget measures only 0.16 inches (4.1mm) thin, can be easily stuck on to many items and is compatible with most of the smartphones. Install the app on your smartphone and the radar screen gives an approximate distance of the StickNFind from your device, but not the exact direction. The StickNFind Stickers have a buzzer and light and can be used to find your tagged items in the dark.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 2
Shyspy GPS/GSM Tracker For Bicycles: Shyspy is a bicycle GPS Tracker; the unit uses a combination of a mobile Sim card along with a GPS module to accurately track the location of your bike and displays this data on your notebook or smartphone. It enables you to keep a record of your cycling activity and also lets you locate your bike.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 3
Multi-Function Keyfob: It allows you to track things, find things and alerts when someone opens your suitcase, computer bag or door in moving mode. And also it features laundry alert mode.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 4
hipKey: The hipKey keeps track of your valuables; all you need to do is simply attach the gadget to the item of your choice and you're ready to go. Its compatible with iPhone 5/4s, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad 3,4, and Mini.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 5
GPaws Pet GPS Tracker: This miniature GPS tracker can be easily clipped on to your pet's collar and it records your pet's location every 5 seconds for up to 8 hours. Later, all you need do is just plug it into your notebook via USB to know the results. You can even view and share your pet's activities using Google Maps.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 6
Personal GPS Locator: PocketFinder GPS trackers allows you to track the location of your family members with the touch of a button. All you need do is simply give the device to a kid, teen, senior or any other member and use a notebook or smartphone to see their location on a map.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 7
I'm Here GPS Tracker: The I'm Here GPS Tracker is the smallest and most accurate GPS Tracker of its kind on earth. It works through a smartphone app and the company's very own cloudsystem to keep track at regular intervals.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 8
Dog Collar with GPS: This dog collar has a built-in GPS receiver and "mobile phone". To track your dog, simply call the simcard and the GPS module immediately sends the coordinates to your mobile phone via SMS. And a smartphone with a built-in GPS receiver can take you right to your dog.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 9
Golf GPS Rangefinder: It's light and small among GPS Rangefinders and comes with 40000 golf courses worldwide preloaded.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 10
Suunto Ambit2 Black: Suunto Ambit2 is an integrated GPS watch for explorers and athletes. It has all you need for all outdoor sports - navigation, speed, , altitude, weather conditions and features for running, biking and swimming.

Coolest GPS Gadgets and Designs (11) 11
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