Mar 21, 2014

15 Cool and Innovative Power Banks.

Collection of 'Cool and Innovative Power Banks' for recharging your gadgets anywhere you want.

iGeek External Smartphone Recharger: Now you don't need to search for an electrical outlet while traveling, just recharge your smartphone with iGeek IMP99D.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 1
Chargelight: It's a dockable, rechargeable and portable flashlight and power bank for any USB device including iPhone, iPad and Android.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 2
Credit Card Size Recharger: Its only 1/4" thick; the device can be comfortably placed in a wallet and provides an additional hour of power. It connects to devices with its 1-1/2"-long fold-out micro USB cord and its compatible with most Android and Blackberry smartphones or standard cellphones.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 3
Dark Energy Reservoir: Its stylish, compact and powerful portable recharger; it can recharge most smartphones, or any device with a USB recharge port.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 4
Mobile 2600 mAh Power Recharger: It features Mini, Micro and 30-Pin Apple, and recharges most of your smartphones, cameras and small devices.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 5
Qi Wireless Power Bank: With this multifunctional, convenient, and universal wireless power bank, you can recharge all your Qi-enabled devices or your micro USB devices.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 6
PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Recharger: The PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Recharger comes with a recharge capacity of 13500 mAh with dual 5V output - one at 1 amp and one at 2 amp.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 7
Power Bank with Flashlight: This power bank with flashlight recharges most USB-powered devices; its compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and most smartphones.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 8
Recharger Back Cover: This power bank uses magnetic adsorption technology.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 9
AViiQ Power Bank: The AViiQ Portable Power Bank can simultaneously recharge 2 devices at the same time; its comes with recharging output of up to 2 amps and provides ultra-fast recharging of up to 4 times faster than usual USB power banks.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 10
Elecom iPhone, iPod Recharger: Elecom's DE-A01D-1908 is a portable recharger that will recharge your iPhone 4, 3GS, or 3G, from 0% to 100% with out any AC outlet or a notebook.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 11
K3 Powerporta 3000 Portable Recharger: It's an on-the-go universal and portable USB recharging solution and it features a multi-function flashlight.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 12
Bracelet Recharger: It's a USB recharger that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 13
Dual USB External Power Bank: This slim and portable power bank has dual USB outputs for recharging of 2 devices simultaneously and it features 15000mAH of backup recharging power.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 14
Fueltank DUO: It's a multipurpose device that comes with several adapters for recharging.

Cool and Innovative Power Banks (15) 15
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