Mar 28, 2014

15 Clever and Smart Office Supplies - Part 9.

Collection of 'Clever and Smart Office Supplies' for your office to make things more interesting.

Wi-Fi Powerstrip: "iRemoTap," contains a microcomputer and a wireless LAN module, comes from Japanese embedded-systems developer Ubiquitous. The powerstrip comes with a built-in Wi-Fi network, four sockets and the power usage information of each outlet is regularly sent to a cloudserver.

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Plugbug: This clever 2.1-Amp USB wall recharger piggybacks onto your MacBook Power Adapter and creates a dual recharger for MacBook and iPad or iPhone. This recharges your MacBook and iPad or iPhone at the same time using one wall outlet.

Clever and Smart Office Supplies (15) 2

Structuresensor: The Structuresensor turns you iPad into a mobile 3D scanner.

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USB Eye Warmer: Watching the notebook screen all the time can be tiring, at those times a nice warm towel over your face can be relaxing. This is where the Thanko Eye Warmer comes into picture, just plug it into your USB port of your notebook and relax.

Clever and Smart Office Supplies (15) 4
Tanning Printer: This solar powered printer requires no cartridges, instead it uses the principle of saving energy through refracting the light and tanning the paper.

Clever and Smart Office Supplies (15) 5
Jot Touch: Jot Touch is a Bluetooth pressure-sensitive stylus that transforms your iPad into a sketchbook while giving you a surreal experience.

Clever and Smart Office Supplies (15) 6
Leaf Wireless Computer Mouse: This concept mouse is powered by kinetic energy.

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X-ViZ Calculator: Kokuyo's X-ViZ designer calculator is designed to be used single-handedly.

Clever and Smart Office Supplies (15) 8Non-Electric Humidifier: This bright and colorful humidifier requires no electricity, and makes addition of aromas to the room.

Clever and Smart Office Supplies (15) 9
Credit Card Size USB Card: It's a 2-mm USB card that comes in credit-card format, and is especially designed for business people; the flat device can be comfortably placed in a wallet.

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Lunchbox by Burcin Ceren Olcum: This creative lunchbox and heating concept by designer Burcin Ceren Olcum consists of a lunchbox that's fitted inside a multiple layer container. It comes with different sections that allow you to take different kinds of foods at the same time; you can reheat your packed meals right at the workstation. It comes with a USB compatible cord that can be simply plugged into a laptop for recharge.

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USB Foot Warmer: Keep your feet warm while sitting at your desk.

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Forget Me Notes Sticky Notes: It features 200 individual sticky-note petals on each holder card.

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Talk Bulletin Board: A bulletin board shaped like a speech bubble designed by Carolina Kim.

Clever and Smart Office Supplies (15) 14It's Time to Read Me: Designed by Kim Sung Min, it's an electric pin-up board and light-up pin set that illuminates the memos that need action. The pin draws power from the board when it is pressed in and you can set up the time when each pin should light itself up.

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