Jan 2, 2014

15 Creative and Cool Baby Products.

Collection of 'Creative and Cool Baby Products' for your babies from all over the world.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor: The Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets you monitor your little one from anywhere using an app on your iOS or Android device. It features a 3-megapixel-camera with 4x zoom, 2 microphones and more. You can watch the baby day or night in high resolution; it monitors and lets you know about noises, temperature, and humidity; you can even speak, play lullabies, and when the ambient light decreases, the night mode automatically comes on.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 1
Baby Food Spoon: This innovative baby food spoon for babies combines spoon and food container into one utensil.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 2Baby Bjorn Bib: This innovative Baby Bjorn Bib features deep, wide front pocket in the front to catch most of the dropped food.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 3
AirCrib: This portable inflatable travel crib is the perfect solution for families on the go.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 4
Neatnik Saucer: The Neatnik Saucer can be placed in standard restaurant high chairs and overlaps the dining table so baby diners have extended table and play space.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 5
Zaky Handpillow: A baby craves for parent's touch, so this pillow is designed to mimic the size, weight, and feel of the parent's hands and forearm.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 6
Bear Cub Baby Blanket: Just place your baby in the center of the bear blanket, fold and fasten; it transforms your baby into a cute baby bear cub.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 7
Tortilla Baby: With this tortilla swaddle blanket and matching hat, you can now wrap your baby to look just like a delicious burrito.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 8
SPOO: This ergonomical utensil allows you to hold it without having to use any twisting movements of the wrist.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 9
CYBEX iGO: The CYBEX iGO baby holder holds the baby horizontally close to the mother's body. And when the baby is a year old, it allows vertical holding of the baby- facing forward towards you.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 10
Comfy Baby Holder: The Comfy Baby Holder doubles up as a holder and features the subtle motive of providing privacy.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 11
Temperature Color Changing Bodysuit: The Babyglow Temperature Color Changing Bodysuit lets you know immediately if your baby is exceeding his normal temperature. It looks pink or blue when temperature is normal but when it rises it becomes white.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 12
Color Changing Baby Bottle: The bottle stays blue when the content is cold and turns pink when filled with warm liquids.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 13
Quicksmart Backpack Stroller: It's a light and compact stroller perfect for travel and can be comfortably kept in a backpack.

Creative and Cool Baby Products (15) 14
Bike Transforms into a Baby Stroller: This innovative bike design combines bicycle with the functionality of a baby stroller.

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