Jan 21, 2014

15 Coolest Office Supplies - Part 7.

Collection of 'Coolest Office Supplies' for your office from all over the world.

OO Wireless Projector: It's created by designer Riesenberg; the wireless projector displays high definition (1080p) data via WiFi or internal SSD storage. Without any wire connection it can work up to 3 hours; it doubles up as a duplicator of an external display, and as a wireless media projector/streamer with built in decoding capabilities.

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VÜ Wireless Recharger: Just plug it into the wall outlet and place your Qi-compatible Smartphone on it and it starts recharging.

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Stainless Steel Portable Pen Projector: Creation of designer Edgar Navarro, this projector has a stainless steel body, its as powerful as other projection devices and works wirelessly via Bluetooth.

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Solar Window Recharger: This cool solar recharger sticks to your window and recharges your gadgets.

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Wi-Fi Portable Document and Photo Scanner: The Wi-Fi Portable Document and Photo Scanner lets you make e-copies of documents and photos in a matter of seconds and downloads them to any Wi-Fi enabled laptop.

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Audio Light Bulb: This wireless audio light bulb provides discrete audio and lighting. It can be placed in for a standard light bulb; it provides crisp audio with 10-watt speaker from up to 50' away from its transmitter. The transmitter can be docks with any smartphone or iPod having a 30-pin connector. It provides bright light similar to a 60-watt light bulb and comes with a remote control with volume, play/pause, and light that dims up to 50% of brightness.

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Heatingspoon: This little device keeps your coffee steaming; just put it in the cup, and switch it on.

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iTwin: The iTwin is a two-part USB drive that allows you to plug it into one computer and the other half into another computer; this gives you instant access to the other computer.

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MP3 DJ Doorbell: A customizable wireless music doorbell with SD card for up to 32GB of storage; the base station can be connected to the notebook via the USB port and it doubles as a USB storage device also. The button has a 330-foot range from the base station.

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Instant Cartridge Printer: This concept printer idea comes from 'package is product itself'; its modeled on the lines of how instant cameras are sold off the shelf. The package is made from reused paper, while the size of the printer is according to the paper size it could take. The package shows how many pages it can print.

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Jot Touch: Jot Touch is a Bluetooth pressure-sensitive stylus that transforms your iPad into a sketchbook while giving you a surreal experience.

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Foldable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard: When folded, the portable keyboard measures 9.8 x 14.5 x 1.8cm and when unfolded it measures 9.8 x 28.5 x 1.4cm; it comes with a removable typing stand for your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

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Smart Finder Key Holder: Based on wireless technology, it can track your keys up to 30 meters with just a click of a button.

Coolest Office Supplies (15) 15OS Calculators: These concept designs comes from a designer at Mintpass; these look exactly like the calculator apps in Windows and in OS X. The Mac version has a metal case and a 2-liner screen similar to its software counterpart, while the Windows calculator sports the classic XP color scheme, and comes with menu headers.

Coolest Office Supplies (15) 16Coolest Office Supplies (15) 17Pyramid Powerstrip: What makes this powerstrip to stand out is its dome-like shape that makes it easier to accommodate larger AC adapters. It has 6 outlets and an illuminated on/off switch and a safety switch cover. Its wide and rounded base gives it added stability compared to the regular rectangular powerstrips that often tip over on its side.

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