Jan 20, 2014

15 Coolest Apple iPhone Cases - Part 8.

Collection of 'Coolest Apple iPhone Cases' for your favorite iPhone from all over the world.

Pepper Spray Phone Case: The Spraytect smartphone case comes with a removable pepper spray cartridge.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 1
bitplay iPhone 4/4s Case: The retro design case makes your iPhone work like the high-quality camera while providing the protective function.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 2
iPhone 5 Hidden Storage Case: The iPhone Case features a hidden storage case for the Apple iPhone that can hold 2 cards, cash and a key.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 3
iPhone Case by Caselnity: iPhone 4/4S case holds your USB cable inside the case, it allows you to recharge anywhere and connect everywhere.

FLASHr iPhone Case: FLASHr iPhone4/4s case is powered by the iPhone's camera flashlight, and iOS's built in "Flashalerts". When you turn on the feature, the camera's flashlight lights up for calls, texts, emails, and for all Push Notifications

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 4
MirrorCase for iPhone 5/5s: Now you can take landscape or portrait images using an all new adjustable mirror with this case and app combo.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 5
Light Notification Display Phone Case: The multi-color lights form various notification images to let you know of an incoming message.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 6
eyn for iPhone 5/5S: The case features a hinged back for built-in storage space that can hold three credit cards and cash comfortably. It comes with an enclosed mirror and a kickstand feature for watching videos and FaceTime chatting.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 7
Watercolor Set iPhone Case: This cool Watercolor Set iPhone Case is available for iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 4/4S.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 8
Louis Vuitton Vintage Luggage iPhone 4 Case:

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 9
Survivor Case for iPhone 5/5s: The Griffin's Survivor Case is built from the inside out for protecting your iPhone from extreme conditions.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 10
Radius Minimalist Case for iPhone: The Radius Case is an all aluminum case with an ultra-minimalistic approach.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 11
Lifeproof iPhone Case for the iPhone 4S/4: The Lifeproof iPhone case provides the highest level of protection to your iPhone.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 12
Nokia 3310 Style - iPhone 4 Case: Remember this Nokia 3310, a decade ago it was a popular handset, now its back as an interesting iPhone cover.

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 13
Vintage Television iPhone 4/4s Case:

Coolest Apple iPhone Cases (15) 14
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