Jan 23, 2014

15 Awesome USB Drives - Part 4.

Collection of 'Awesome USB Drives' for storing your information from all over the world.

Cardboard USB Drive: Flashkus USB drive concept comes from design studio Art Lebedev; it's a cardboard version.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 1
2 - Storage USB Memory Stick: This dual side USB drive comes with color partitions. One side can be used for personal stuff while the other for work.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 2
Animal USB Drive: This animal USB Drive comes from Marubeni InfoTec; there are 5 different animal shapes, and they come in maple or walnut.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 3
AA USB: This USB drive doubles up as power source for your camera, flashlight or smaller gadgets; to recharge just plug it into your notebook.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 4
Paper USB Tape: This paper suit for USB drive comes in the shape of a retro cassette tape.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 5
USB Robot Drive: This robot drive stores 8GB of data and comes with a handy keychain clip.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 6
Butterfly Knife USB Drive: This USB drive is modeled after Benchmade's 62 Bali-Song knife.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 7
Kingston's DataTraveler Mini Fun USB Drives: These colorful plastic USB drives come in trio of hues to choose from and can also be connected together.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 8
Gangnam Style USB Drive: Now you can store your data on a little PSY Gangnam Style USB Drive.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 9
Mechanical USB Pendant: This 8GB USB drive is placed in a handcarved zebrano chassis with 10 rubies.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 10
Cryptograph USB Stick: This steampunk Cryptograph USB-stick is a creation of unknown Russian designers.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 11
Steampunk USB Drive: This steampunk styled USB drive is made with brass, copper, glass; it waterproof USB drive features a curved glass window to view the inner workings of the drive.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 12
Queen's Guard Driver USB Memory Stick: This USB stick can store either 4GB or 8GB of information and comes in the shape of the famous red uniformed soldiers from London, complete with tall furry black helmet.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 13
Lipstick USB Drive:

Awesome USB Drives (15) 14
USB Wings: These USB wings are made by Bader Models; these USB drives features the logos of various airlines.

Awesome USB Drives (15) 15
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