Oct 16, 2013

15 Innovative Camera and Smartphone Tripods.

Collection of 'Innovative Camera and Smartphone Tripods' from all over the world.

Bikepod: The Bikepod is adjustable and fixes on your handlebars and turns you bike into a portable tripod.

Coolest and Most Creative iPhone Gadgets (15) 12
Credit Card Size iPhone Stand: A cool product for iPhone, its 2.3mm thin, the Pocket Tripod is lightweight and is a functional tripod stand.

Creative and Innovative Credit Card-Sized Tools (15) 14
Keyprop Key Shaped Smartphone Stand: Keyprop is a simplest stand and tripod, it works with all iPhones and smartphones. For smartphones, all you need to do is simply place the prong into the headphone jack, and Keyprop rests against the front panel. And for iPhone5, the bottom prong can also be placed right into the dock.

Cool Key Inspired Products and Designs (15) 4
Pose Camera Case and Stand: Pose is a camera case that turns into a stand with an easy attachment; the stand can rest on flat surfaces or wraps around curvy surfaces and allows you to set up your camera in unusual places.

Creative Products and Functional Gadgets for Photographers (15) 9
Klikk Flexible Camera Stand: Klikk provides stability and flexibility of a tripod in a minimal design that's easy to place in a shoulder bag or backpack.

Creative Products and Functional Gadgets for Photographers (15) 10
Une Bobine: It's a recharging cable and flexible tripod for iPhones and android devices.

Creative and Innovative Phone Tripods (10) 5
Bottlecap Tripod: This cool portable and lightweight tripod can be fixed on any standard water or soda bottle.

Creative Bottlecaps and Unusual Bottlecap Designs (25) 15
Gerber Multi Tool: The interesting feature of the Gerber Steady is that it includes a tripod for compact digital cameras and smartphones. Apart from this there are 12 tools in all, most of them standard.

Coolest Tool Designs (20) 5
Pencils iPhone Stand: Make a cool tripod iPhone stand using 5 pencils and some rubber bands.

Unique iPhone Holders and Unusual iPhone Holder Designs (15) 13Monsterpod: It sticks to over 1,000 things, and holds any camera up to 20oz.

Cool Products and Functional Gadgets for Photographers (15) 2
SteadePod: Simply attach this small gizmo to your camera's tripod mount, extend and anchor the footpad, pull and stretch the cable slightly and you have a steady photograph. Its compact, lightweight and easy to use, lets you take photographs that you never thought you could without a tripod or monopod.

Cool Products and Functional Gadgets for Photographers (15) 6
Bike Helmet Camera Mount: This tripod mount comes with nylon straps that slide through the vents in your helmet.

Cool Products and Functional Gadgets for Photographers (15) 9
Gorillapod: Its lightweight and compact, has extra flexibility in placing your camera or camcorder just about anywhere you want.

Cool Products and Functional Gadgets for Photographers (15) 8
Tennis Ball Tripod: Use an old tennis ball and turn it into a pocket camera tripod.

Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Tennis Balls (30) 23Foldable Camera Tripod: This foldable tripod can be comfortably kept in your wallet and it supports your camera in different angles.

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