Oct 24, 2013

15 Innovative and Cool Printers.

Collection of 'Innovative Document Printers and Cool Photo Printers' from all over the world.

Instant Cartridge Printer: This concept printer idea comes from 'package is product itself'; its modeled on the lines of how instant cameras are sold off the shelf. The package is made from reused paper, while the size of the printer is according to the paper size it could take. The package shows how many pages it can print.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 1
REENK: REENK is a printer with ballpoint ink.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 2
Tanning Printer: This solar powered printer requires no cartridges, instead it uses the principle of saving energy through refracting the light and tanning the paper.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 3
RITI Printer: This cool printer uses your old coffee or tea as ink.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 4
Pencil Printer: This printer uses the pencil stub to print your documents.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 5
Stick Printer: The stick printer is a portable printer that allows small amount of printing to be done anywhere.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 6
Retractable Printer: This concept retractable printer by Neilson Navarrete adjusts to different sizes of media.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 7
Pocket Printer A6: Pocket Printer A6 is ideal for mobile computing and features wireless connectivity. It's a compact and lightweight mobile printer perfect for on-the-go business professionals.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 8
Circle Printer: The Circle Printer is a space saving design that wont take too much space.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 9
Pencil Printer - 2: The pencil printer uses the lead shavings to provide for the cartridge toner that prints perfectly on paper.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 10

Wall Printer: This printer can be placed on the wall, saving lots of valuable space on your desk.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 11
Suitcase 3D Printer: This portable suitcase 3D printer is the creation of MIT's "Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek."

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 12

Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer: The Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer is a compact and rechargeable device from Polaroid that prints photos straight from your bluetooth-enabled smartphone or digital camera.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 13
Solar Powered 3D Printer: Glass objects are produced using sunlight and sand by a 3D printing process.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 14

Movie Polaroid Camera: An innovative concept from designer Kim Hyun Joong, movie polaroid is a combination of analogue polaroid film and digital touch technology and a built-in movie printer. It prints movies on a surface that mimics regular polaroid film paper.

Innovative and Cool Printers (15) 15
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