Oct 15, 2013

15 Innovative and Cool Induction Gadgets.

Collection of 'Innovative and Cool Induction Gadgets' from all over the world.

Throbber: Throbber cooking concept uses super-compact, induction heating balls; the conduction from the aluminum surface transfers the heat to food from the balls.

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Mobile Kitchen Concept by Electrolux: The Electrolux Mobile Kitchen concept features 4-tier induction cooking element, an efficient cutting board and a touchscreen computer for your recipes.

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Bento Lunchbox: This Bento Box portable steamer and lunchbox uses induction cooking elements while the water steams through the course of the body. For easy cooking, vegetables, protein, and grains are separated into various containers. The assembly's base heats up using inductive technology; this creates steam from water added to the grains in the bottom container. The steam rises naturally up the assembly, cooking the grains and the contents of the top two containers. It comes with a built-in timer that allows you to program it when to begin cooking while the double-walled containers act like a thermos keeping the contents warm.

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CookEase: It's a compact induction cooking system that features a heater and 2 bowls.

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Induction Cooking Table: Designed by LDI Aramis Herrera, this induction cooking table concept allows you to cook on your dining table and spend more time with your family while cooking.

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VIA Modular Cooking Concept: This multifunctional super-compact unit features interchangeable grilling, griddle, and induction cooking modules.

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Cube Recharger: It works on the electro magnetic induction principles; you need to play with the cube to generate energy to recharge your gadgets.

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Outdoor Chef by Jessica Damsma: This portable induction camp cooker comes with a dual flameless burner and provides space for food preparation, cleaning and storage.

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Induction Iron: Designed by T Glimskär in collaboration with BASF, the cordless heating iron is a minimal design that works using an electromagnetic field that transforms the energy directly and heats only the ironing plate.

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Two Any One: It's an indoor induction cook top which comes with cooking plates that can come apart and can be folded up for portability. It features an in built-recharging mechanism so that it can be used outdoors without a need for power supply.

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Stoneven: The mini pebble can be used collectively to cook in outdoor camps and these portable pebbles can also be set to lower temperatures and used as body warmers.

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Jumble: Jumble features a flexible set of induction cooking plates; these plates have their individual temperature zones and can be controlled by a remote control. It allows you to juggle the dishes from one plate to another, depending upon the cooking time and technique used.

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Inductable: The Inductable is a futuristic dining table concept that features a temperature-sensitive table surface. The hi-tech cooking table comes with an integrated grill, uses induction technique and is coated with thermochromic glass-ceramic. When not in use it can wirelessly power a lamp, or transforms into a workstation.

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EEH- Gas Stove: Its features an induction cooking plate and gas burner combo, and comes with matching exhaust cover.

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s - Cooking Induction System: This cooking system uses induction technology in a new and easy-to-use way; it turns the surface into a multifunctional working platform where the food can be heated, chopped or even prepared elsewhere on a transportable tray.

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